, Guiyang, March 27 (Reporter Yang Qian) On the 27th, the launching event for the promotion of high-growth enterprises in the deep processing of agricultural products (food) in Guizhou Province was launched in Guiyang to showcase and promote the brand of Guizhou ecological characteristic food enterprises.

  Relevant departments and high-growth enterprises in Guizhou Province signed contracts with relevant domestic channel providers, and signed 96 cooperation agreements on site, with a total capital of 3 billion yuan.

More than 180 investment cooperation projects have been formed, with a planned investment of more than 5 billion yuan.

  Since 2020, Guizhou has fully initiated the cultivation of high-growth enterprises in the deep processing of agricultural products in accordance with the principle of “sufficient supply of raw materials locally, deep processing of product formats, fast-moving prices for the masses, and moderate current scale”. Cultivate, build the first batch of 16 single products and enterprises into leaders with a certain reputation and influence, insist on batch selection, normal development, and dynamic adjustments, and use single product cultivation to drive reorganization to create a "joint fleet" for intensive processing of agricultural products in Guizhou.

Guizhou Province Agricultural Products (Food) Deep Processing High-growth Enterprise Product Promotion and Launch Activity was held in Guiyang.

Photo by Yang Qian

  Lan Shaomin, deputy secretary of the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee, stated in his speech that Guizhou has no shortage of high-quality products "hidden in the deepest boudoirs", what it lacks is the insight and knowledge that "sees him a thousand times"; What the craftsmanship lacks is the unblocked channels to "hang the clouds and sail to the sea"; there is no lack of entrepreneurial passion to "dare to call the sun and the moon change the sky", and what is lacking is the broad market of "all colors are always spring".

  Under the background of the era of comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization, Guizhou needs to do a good job in the production and marketing of agricultural products. It needs to transform from small-scale production and processing to large-scale production expansion, from caring consumption to poverty alleviation to market-oriented consumption expansion, and from a limited consumer market to a national consumer market Expansion and transformation.

  As an important node of the Ancient Tea-Horse Road and a key hub of the "One Belt One Road" western land-sea channel, Guizhou has the advantage of providing space for the transformation of eastern enterprises, the advantage of providing support for eastern enterprises to enhance their competitiveness, and the ability to expand the southwest of eastern enterprises. The advantages of providing services in the market and Southeast Asian markets.

The picture shows the processed products of Guizhou characteristic agricultural products displayed at the venue.

Photo by Yang Qian

  Lan Shaomin said that Guizhou will adhere to quality-oriented and produce the greenest agricultural products; Guizhou will adhere to the market as the basis to create the best business environment; Guizhou will adhere to the brand first and polish up the best quality Qianhuo signs .

Guizhou will adhere to the mechanism to achieve the longest effective cooperation and win-win situation.

Guizhou will explore the establishment of a normalized cooperation mechanism, long-term stable supply and marketing relationship, and ensure that there is demand in the market and supply of products.

  Guizhou is a province with low latitudes, high altitudes, cloudy and foggy, and pollution-free. The rain, heat and light are in the same season, and the combination of light and water is good. The crop growing season is long, there are few pests and pollution, and there is little pollution.

Agricultural products are naturally rooted in green genes.

  In 2020, the province's agricultural added value will grow by 6.3%, rising from the 17th place in the country to the 14th place.

In recent years, Guizhou has taken the 12 major agricultural characteristic and advantageous industries as the lead, and has promoted the rural industrial revolution in depth, and the high-quality agricultural products have been abundant.

The planting scale of tea, pepper, dragon fruit, prickly pear, and coix seed ranks the first in the country, the planting scale of potatoes ranks the second in the country, the planting scale of Chinese medicinal materials and buckwheat ranks the third in the country, and the planting scale of blueberries and vegetables ranks the fourth in the country.

The picture shows the processed products of Guizhou characteristic agricultural products displayed at the venue.

Photo by Yang Qian

  Lu Yongzheng, member of the Standing Committee of the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee and Minister of the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee, made publicity and promotion.

Lu Yongzheng said that ecological specialty food, as an important industry to promote ecological industrialization and industrial ecologicalization, has unlimited prospects in the future.

Guizhou will work hard to promote the “big ecological protection” with ecological specialty foods as the starting point, continue to strengthen the “big ecological brands” with ecological specialty foods as the starting point, and write “big ecological articles” with ecological specialty foods as the starting point.

  The recommended launch event was attended by representatives of 161 channels and enterprises including large domestic state-owned enterprises, e-commerce platforms, financial institutions, and large supermarkets.

  Jia Yunbo, chairman of Wenfeng Great World Chain Development Co., Ltd., said: "We will further strengthen cooperation and exchanges with high-growth enterprises in Guizhou, give full play to our respective advantages, further tap cooperation potential, expand cooperation space, and improve cooperation levels."

The picture shows the processed products of Guizhou characteristic agricultural products displayed at the venue.

Photo by Yang Qian

  Xu Shaochuan, Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of Beijing Wu Mart Group, said at the meeting: "We will take this event as a starting point and join forces with Guizhou True Color Agriculture to establish a joint venture company. We will fully cooperate with Guizhou, open to Guizhou, and build a joint venture that belongs to Guizhou. Wumart’s shared model has helped Guizhou and even the revolutionary areas along the Changzheng Road to enter the “fast lane” of high-quality development."

  In an interview, Wang Jian, vice president of e-commerce representative Pinduoduo, said that in the future, Pinduoduo will continue to increase cooperation with Guizhou, relying on the advantages of Guizhou’s agricultural industry, and work together to cultivate a group of representatives who can produce brands, characteristics and standards. Sexual agricultural products help Guizhou agricultural production areas to build their brands, take advantage of the platform, and promote the products of deep-processing and high-growth enterprises in Guizhou area to consumers across the country, making it a scene of Guizhou.