China News Service, Harbin, March 26 (Zhou Xiaozhou, reporter Shi Yifu) Starting from 0:00 on April 10, the national railways will implement a new train operation chart. China Railway Harbin Bureau Group Co., Ltd. will arrange 242.5 pairs of passenger trains. The total seat capacity is average daily. The number of passenger train tickets has reached 263,000, and tickets for passenger trains have been on sale one after another starting March 27.

  For the 18-train EMUs operated by the Ha-Qi High-speed Railway, Ha-Mu High-speed Railway, and Ha-Jia Railway, a discount policy will be implemented for full-seat special EMU fares, with a maximum discount of 55%, to meet the needs of inter-city short-distance travel and spring travel.

"Harbin Railway" governs high-speed rail EMUs.

Provided by Harbin Railway

  The 7 pairs of EMU trains between Harbin West and Beijing Chaoyang continue to implement the discount policy for the initial interval of the opening. The discounted fare interval is the Beijing-Chengde section of the Beijing-Harbin High-speed Railway, and the minimum discounted fare for the interval is 55% off, allowing passengers to share the railway development dividend .

  According to the transportation needs of key materials, 5 more freight trains will be opened in the main freight channels such as Beijing-Harbin, Tongrang and Pingqi, and 16 freight trains will be added to the cargo transportation lines in the pipeline, especially for Funen, Nenlin, and Iraq, which are in short capacity. Min, Jiafu and other sections of the line, through the use of non-operating time to arrange trains to increase freight capacity.

  The railway department reminded that the passenger train tickets after the map adjustment will be on sale on March 27. Passengers and cargo owners can inquire through the railway 12306 website, 95306 website, client and other channels, and also pay attention to the announcements of the railway stations in order to arrange the itinerary reasonably And cargo transportation matters.