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large number of tax evasion suspects were caught who were Koreans when they were receiving welfare benefits while living in Korea, and pretended to be foreigners only when paying taxes.

The IRS has decided to intensify the investigation of the Yamche tribe who escaped taxes while enjoying quarantine and medical benefits after the coronavirus outbreak.

This is reporter Lim Tae-woo.


A foreign citizen, Mr. A, did not pay any taxes while inheriting local real estate from his permanent resident father.

While receiving the gift by means of a local paper company, he did not file a gift tax in Korea using a foreign citizenship, and Mr. A was found to have stayed in the country and was charged billions of won.

Mr. B, an asset owner of tens of billions of won, who runs a real estate rental business in Korea, pretended to be a non-resident and did not pay income tax.

It means that he has stayed abroad on a business trip for more than half of a year, and the tax authorities decided that Mr. B had never acquired foreign nationality and that most of his family and property were in Korea, so he had to pay taxes.

There have even been cases where people claiming to be citizens of the U.S. have not paid taxes and have taken several domestic health insurance benefits.

[No Jeong-seok / Director of Investigation Bureau, National Tax Service: We looked at all the credit card details.

It is clearly confirmed that you received treatment at a domestic medical institution.]

As more and more people leave Korea for reasons of immigration or education and then return to Korea to enjoy treatment and quarantine benefits due to the corona 19 pandemic, the tax authorities are planning to intensively investigate whether they are tax evasion.