In a monthly economic report this month and March, the government has lowered its "export" decision, saying that growth in automobile exports to the United States has weakened, while corporate economic views have improved and bankruptcies have decreased. As a result, the judgment of the entire economy has been left unchanged.

The government compiled its March monthly economic report at a meeting of relevant ministers on the 23rd.

According to this, "exports" has been revised downward from the expression "increasing" to "the increase has slowed recently".

This is because the growth of automobile exports to the United States, which had been on an increasing trend, weakened, and it is the first time in 10 months that the "export" decision has been revised downward.

On the other hand, "Judgment of business conditions of companies" has been revised upward from the expression "Recently cautious, especially in the non-manufacturing industry" to "Although the strictness remains, there is a movement to pick up."

In addition, the number of bankruptcies has been revised upward to the expression "decreasing", except for the phrase "gradually".

Other items are left unchanged, with "personal consumption" being "weakened recently", "corporate production" being "recovering", and "capital investment" being "recently picking up". is.

Based on these, we have left the judgment that "although the economy is continuing to pick up, some weaknesses are seen" in the economy as a whole.

Regarding the outlook for the economy, he warned that "it is necessary to pay close attention to the impact of infection trends on the domestic and foreign economies."