[Concurrent] Linzhi Milin Airport Tower Controller

  8141, Linzhi Tower, good morning!

The smoothing project of Linzhi Airport was officially put into operation today. Congratulations on becoming the first flight after it has been put into operation.

  [Explanation] At 9:41 am on March 20th, flight 3U8141 from Chengdu to Linzhi entered the port safely, marking the official commissioning of the parallel taxiway project in the flight area of ​​Linzhi Milin Airport in Tibet.

After more than ten years of development, data such as route layout, takeoffs and landings, passenger throughput, cargo and mail throughput have greatly exceeded Tibet's second navigable Qamdo Airport, becoming the second largest airport in Tibet.

With the increase in aviation business volume year by year, in order to improve the operational support capability of Linzhi Airport, a new parallel taxiway was built on the north side of the existing runway of Linzhi Airport.

  [In the same period] Cisang, Deputy Chief of the Linzhi Station of Civil Aviation of China

  (Before the smoothing project is put into operation) Every time an aircraft takes off or lands, it needs to turn around at both ends of the runway, and then occupy the runway for a long time, and then the overall operating efficiency of the apron is not particularly high.

After the parallel taxiway project is completed and put into use, it is to reduce the time that aircraft occupy the runway, improve the efficiency of runway operation, or increase the peak hour capacity of the airport. We think it is all very good.

  [Explanation] Due to its unique scenery and pleasant climate, Nyingchi, Tibet, has the reputation of "snowy south of the Yangtze River", and continues to attract a large number of tourists for sightseeing.

The commissioning of the parallel taxiway project at Nyingchi Milin Airport has created conditions for the airport to increase flight routes and provided good traffic guarantee services for the upcoming Peach Blossom Festival.

  [Concurrent] Tourist Wenxia

  I made an appointment with a few friends to come to Linzhi to see Peach Blossom for the first time.

(Traffic) If it is convenient, I will come again in the future.

  [In the same period] Cisang, Deputy Chief of the Linzhi Station of Civil Aviation of China

  March is the season when our Nyingchi peach blossoms are in full bloom, and most of our passenger volume is mainly tourists, in order to meet the needs of our aviation industry's business growth.

  [Explanation] The tower is the tallest building in the airport. Tower controllers must pay close attention to the status of each aircraft within the airport. The commissioning of parallel taxiways makes the command of air and ground traffic more complicated.

  [Concurrent] Yang Zhonghua, Deputy Manager of Flight Management Department, Linzhi Station of Civil Aviation of China

  Today is the first day of operation of the parallel taxiway at Linzhi Airport. All of our tower controllers have made every effort to ensure that the first flight using the taxi program enters the new apron safely and smoothly.

Although the commissioning of the taxi project will increase the workload, through the joint efforts of everyone, the ground operation efficiency and safety margin will be improved together.

  [Explanation] It is understood that the main source of passengers at Linzhi Milin Airport is tourists. With the improvement of the efficiency of Linzhi Airport, it is expected that the airport's aviation business volume will continue to increase, and there will be more and more tourists visiting Linzhi.

  Reported by Xie Mu Linzhi

Editor in charge: [Song Fangcan]