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today's (19th) stock market, SK Bioscience, the second day of listing, has traded for over 10 million shares.

At the beginning of the market this morning, as the trading volume rushed all at once, a brokerage company had the stock trading system not working properly for more than an hour.

The brokerage company offered to compensate the victims according to regulations, but a serious security problem occurred while access to the trading system was difficult.

Reporter Jeong Da-eun covered the contents.


Kang Mo, an investor who successfully subscribed to SK Bioscience's public offering stock.

I accessed Mirae Asset Daewoo's mobile trading system to sell this stock, but it was stuck.

One minute, one second was urgent, and when I tried to connect again after installing the trading system on the PC, an absurd thing happened.

I logged in with one of the IDs I used often, but an account was opened with someone I didn't know.

[Mr. Kang Mo/Mirae Asset Daewoo user: When I log in with a public certificate, I cannot log in immediately, and a window for entering ID and password pops up.

Since I have two IDs, I entered anything, but when I was logged in, it was someone else's account.] When I

put a password in the family's ID, the family account was opened as it is.

[Mr. Kang Mo/Mirae Asset Daewoo user: I haven't been connected for almost two or three hours.

If the login management is poor, it is difficult to trust and use it badly, so if my account information is passed...


Mirae Asset Daewoo said that it is trying to compensate for customer damage caused by computer failure, saying that it is trying to determine the cause.

As the number of domestic individual investors, symbolized by Donghak ants, has exploded, complaints related to accidents in the trading system of securities companies have increased significantly.

It is pointed out that domestic securities firms, which made close to 6 trillion won in profits last year thanks to the booming stock market, are actually putting their hands on system management.

(Video coverage: Cho Chun-dong, Video editing: Hwang Ji-young)