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police confiscated and searched 6 locations including the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and LH headquarters today (17th).

Based on the data confiscated, the police plan to investigate whether employees used nonpublic information.

Along with this, he was excluded from the seizure and search target, but there is another suspicion that the police should check.

One LH employee was targeted for investigation due to speculation on the Gwangmyeong land, and as a result of the confirmation, close to 40 Jeonju people, including the employee's relatives and neighbors, intensively purchased the Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi Province, which is far from Jeonju.

This is reporter Jeong Seong-jin.


In February 2018, 4 people bought a 2,600 square meter field in Noonsa-dong, Gwangmyeong-si, including 3 people who had the last name of the mother.

The land right next to it was also traded on the same day, and LH employee Park Mo and his wife bought it.

It is suspected that they have ventured into expedition speculation with LH staff, and these are LH Jeonbuk branch staff and are believed to be relatives of Mo Mo, who also lived in Noonsa-dong in 2019.

Another farmland with a green house was bought by LH employee Mo's wife and his relatives in July 2017.

Prior to this, in March 2017, 8 people in total, including 6 residents of Jeonju, bought 4 lots in a month.

[Neighboring residents: LH doesn't know, they are Jeolla-do people, Jeolla-do people anyway.

Five bought it, or three bought it, or something like that.

It must have been three or four years.]

As a result of examining the transaction details of Noonsa-dong, Gwangmyeong-si from 2017 to the latest, it was confirmed that all 30 residents of Jeonju bought 32 lots.

Jeonju residents purchased the strange land of Gwangmyeong.

It is a complex structure in which 30 people are entangled, but if you simplify it, it looks like this.

First, the LH employee's mother and her husband and wife, four people who are believed to be relatives, and their families bought 3 parcels from July 2017 to December 2019.

Other buyers are connected to the same apartment. In apartment A, where Mr. Mo's LH employee lives, four families including the mother's family bought 7 lots, and in apartment B where his relatives live, the three families also bought 6 lots. I bought it.

The people who bought the land by expanding to their families and neighbors, led by Mr. Mo, an LH employee, are connected with each other.

I asked how I was investing in land more than 100 kilometers from my residence, but I couldn't hear the answer.

[LH staff relative: I'm sorry, but I have nothing to say, so please go.]

As suspicions of speculation on group expeditions involving dozens of people have been raised, it seems necessary to investigate whether the LH staff provided information or whether there is no under-name investment.

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