After an interactive tour through the roots of forests and oceans

The Expo’s Sustainability Pavilion inspires 96% of visitors to positively change their behavior

50,000 people have visited the Sustainability Pavilion since it opened.

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A survey of visitors to the premiere of Expo 2020 Dubai pavilions showed that the Terra sustainability pavilion inspired 96% of visitors to positively change their behavior, from rationalizing water consumption to awareness of the importance of reducing plastic use and moving towards a cleaner, safer and healthier world.

A statement issued yesterday stated that since the opening of the pavilion in late January, the show has given more than 50,000 visitors an impressive early glimpse of the global design of the Sustainability Pavilion, its inspiring exhibits and its dazzling surroundings, before the upcoming international event officially opens its doors on the first of next October.

He explained that the experience in the pavilion includes an interactive tour through the roots of forest trees, an exploration trip in the depths of the oceans, in addition to inviting visitors to reflect on their behavior and their consumption impact on the planet.

Mohammed Al-Ansari, Vice President of Communications at Expo 2020, said: “We are very pleased with the response of the visitors to the first show of the (Expo and Terra) pavilions, as our ambition from the beginning was to provide (Expo 2020) an exceptional and purposeful visitor experience.”

Al-Ansari added: “We still see a great turnout at the first show of the (Terra) pavilion, and with less than a month left for the expo pavilion to expire on April 10, we decided to keep the mobility pavilion surprise and the opportunities pavilion until the official opening For (Expo) ».

For his part, Rolando Martins, Chief Operating Officer at Expo 2020, said: “The premiere of the pavilions helped to test the readiness of our operations,” indicating that to date, 650 members of Expo employees have participated in the success of the show for more than 320,000 working hours. , Including 150 volunteers from 50 nationalities.

Offer and tickets

The premiere of the pavilions at Expo 2020 Dubai will continue until April 10, so that visitors can learn about the sustainability pavilion and the surrounding space.

The value of the ticket, which must be booked in advance through the Expo website, is 25 dirhams, while tickets are available free of charge for children five years old or less, for the elderly, and for people of determination.

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