Olenchenko called it "encouraging" the fact that German politicians, including those of the leading rank, "became bolder and more energetic" to speak out in defense of German national interests.

“The party“ Alternative for Germany ”itself is one of the growing parties, in the sense that its authority and popularity in Germany is growing, and therefore the statements that come from its leaders reflect the opinion of the German population.

These, in my opinion, are important points for understanding what processes are taking place in Germany, including in relation to Nord Stream 2, the analyst explained.

According to him, such statements are interesting because they resist "unceremonious and rude pressure" from the United States.

“I am sure that it (the project -


) will be completed.

It will be completed, because all parties that are really involved in Nord Stream 2 are interested in this, the expert concluded.

Earlier, as RIA Novosti reported, co-chairman of the Alternative for Germany faction, Bundestag member Alice Weidel said that Germany has its own energy interests, it is important for it not to become dependent on a small number of energy suppliers, so the completion of Nord Stream 2 is necessary.