Well-crafted phishing emails are currently circulating which give the impression that they come from the Sparkasse.

The Lower Saxony State Criminal Police Office (LKA) warns of this.

The emails trick recipients into believing that their Push TAN registration will soon expire and must be renewed immediately.

If you follow the prompts and links in the mail, you end up on a fake page.

It should look like the online banking portal of your own savings bank - including the name of the savings bank, which was previously queried.

Unusual: The emails contain a working QR code that, like the links in the email, also leads the potential victims to the fake page.


Basically, savings banks, banks and credit institutions will never ask their customers by email to update or change their access data, registrations, personal data or the like.

Delete spam mails or call the bank

Links or attachments in such emails should not be clicked on, QR codes should not even be scanned, but messages of this kind should be deleted immediately.

And if you are unsure, just call the bank.

The LKA advises anyone who has caught the fraudsters' glue and entered data on the falsified pages should inform the relevant Sparkasse immediately and have their online banking access blocked.

You then file a report with the local police or with the responsible online station of the state police.