LNG = liquefied natural gas, which is the raw material for city gas, emits carbon dioxide during mining and combustion, but by combining it with tree planting, etc., "carbon-neutral LNG", which is considered to have zero emissions in calculation, has become widespread. Fifteen companies, including major companies, have decided to cooperate in order to make it happen.

Fifteen companies, including Tokyo Gas, Isuzu Motors, and Mitsubishi Estate, held a press conference on the 9th.

Carbon-neutral LNG considers the amount of carbon dioxide emitted in the process of mining, transportation, and combustion to be zero by offsetting it by the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed in the process of planting trees.

There is a movement to introduce it overseas, and major overseas oil companies are selling certified LNG, but it is still rarely used in Japan.

As Japan is also required to take decarbonization efforts, each company is using carbon-neutral LNG as fuel for private power generation equipment and office heating and cooling, and is also calling on other companies to use it.

Kunio Nohata, Vice President of Tokyo Gas, who serves as the secretariat, said, "Although LNG emits less than coal and oil, it emits carbon dioxide. We will work together in the industry to raise awareness of carbon-neutral LNG and transcend industry and region. I want to spread it. "