We covered one piece of information that shows how poorly the management and supervision of LH's staff has been.

An employee of LH was dismissed last year after it was revealed that he had accepted money from a real estate development company.

There was a suspicion that the company's internal information would have been handed over, but LH did not submit a charge or request an investigation.

The dismissed employee now runs a real estate company.

This is the exclusive report by reporter Kim Ki-tae.

<Reporter> A

site of 1.29 million square meters facing north of Wangsuk District 1, Namyangju, Gyeonggi-do, designated as the 3rd new city.

This is Namyangju Jinjeop District.

The government plans to supply about 10,000 households here as part of the residential welfare roadmap.

Land compensation is almost over, and advance subscriptions for honeymoon towns and public leases will begin in July.

Mr. No Mo, who was in charge of land compensation in the LH Namyangju Project Group, received a corporate card from a real estate developer and used about 2.8 million won for entertainment expenses 29 times before being caught by the State Affairs Coordination Office.

In June of last year, LH dismissed Mr. Roh for violating the code of conduct for employees.

It was necessary to investigate whether Mr. Roh handed over undisclosed inside information to the company, but LH did not even request an investigation, saying that the business relevance was not clearly confirmed.

Local residents testify that Mr. Roh was an LH employee and said that he would receive the compensation well, and that he led the landlords to sign a business agency contract with the real estate company.

[Holder: This is an LH employee. He was an employee and he was practically powerful. In Jinjeop District 2. People who are close are called Chairman Roh, Chairman Roh.]

After leaving the company, Mr. Roh runs a real estate company and is still consulting for landlords in the region.

[Mr. Nomo/Former LH employee: (What are you doing now?) I broker. (Real estate brokerage?) Yes. I'm a consulting company. I don't want to talk more about the past.



: LH You know what kind of parcel you will be in advance by using internal information


The landlords who have contracted with them say that they do what they do so that the lot is designated (large land)... .] It

is pointed out that in the poor investigation, compassionate disposition has created such an absurd situation.

(Video coverage: Kim Hak-mo·Kim Seong-il, video editing: So Ji-hye) 

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