Keidanren announced that it has announced the appointment of seven vice chairmen, including the appointment of Tomoko Namba, chairman of IT giant DeNA, as the new vice chairman.

For the first time as Keidanren, a female vice chairman will be appointed.

The vice chairman of Keidanren is

▽ Chairman Masaki Sakuyama of Mitsubishi Electric (68)

▽ President Toshiaki Higashihara of Hitachi, Ltd. (66)

▽ President Eiji Hashimoto of Nippon Steel (65)

▽ President Kazuhiro Tsuga of Panasonic (64) )

▽ President Keiichi Iwata of Sumitomo Chemical (63)

▽ Chairman Tomoko Minamiba of DNA (58)

Also, from the secretariat,

▽ Secretary General Masakazu Kubota (67) of Keidanren has been appointed.

DeNA's Chairman Minamiba will be the first woman to become Vice Chairman of Keidanren, and the number of Vice Chairmen has increased by two from the previous 18 to assist Chairman Nakanishi with a system of 20 people. I will.

In addition, Toyota Motor Co., Ltd., which has served as chairman and vice chairman since the integration of Keidanren and Nikkeiren in 2002, has been appointed as vice chairman of the deliberation committee by vice chairman Shigeru Hayakawa, and will be removed from the vice chairman for the first time. It was.

This personnel case will be officially decided at the annual general meeting in June.

Regarding the appointment of Mr. Namba as Vice Chairman, Keidanren Chairman Nakanishi said at an online press conference on the 8th, "Diversity is difficult in Japan today without considerable awareness, and we are promoting it to enrich society. I have to do it. I have a clear opinion, so I want you to play an active role. "