United We can once again put pressure on the design of the aid plan announced by Pedro Sánchez even before this fund of 11,000 million euros has been approved by the Council of Ministers, something that will happen, in principle, this Tuesday.

Thus, the Vice Presidency of Social Rights of Minister Pablo Iglesias has prepared a document, collected by Europa Press, in which it is requested that the fund have an endowment of at least 8,000 million direct aid for companies.

In February the formation already requested a fund of 8,000 million for the hotel industry, although in this case it was one in two sections, with a contribution of 4,000 million from the State and another 4,000 million from the autonomies.

The current document on Social Rights also raises the need for funds to arrive "efficiently and quickly" to companies with solvency problems.

Therefore, they consider that it is important to focus on direct aid and to give a secondary role to the restructuring of ICO's credits.

Likewise, the document stipulates that the aid should not be made by sectors, but rather "must be accessible to all companies" and that the condition to access them "must go through the verification of a drastic drop (30% - 40%) of its turnover in 2020 compared to 2019 ".

In any case, the aid should not "be aimed at covering variable costs of the companies", but the fixed ones.

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