The cost of the funeral can be reimbursed through different mechanisms.


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While it seems very inappropriate to talk about money when a loved one goes missing, the significant cost of organizing a funeral cannot unfortunately be ignored.

According to professionals in the sector, it is indeed necessary to pay an average of 4,000 euros for a burial and 3,500 for a cremation, knowing that the price may vary depending on the location and the services chosen.

Several devices then make it possible to finance these funerals.

Insurance above all

In order to save their loved ones hassle, more and more people are organizing during their lifetime to leave an envelope to pay for their funeral.

Some 5 million French people have thus taken out a funeral insurance contract in capital or in services, in order to provide not only the budget, but also all the details of the ceremony.

More conventionally, it is possible to go through a life insurance whose beneficiary clause will designate a relative, or to opt for an insurance in the event of death which will aim only to constitute a nest egg to be transmitted to the person of your choice.

If the use of the funds remains in both cases free, the beneficiaries will be able to choose to use the sum to reimburse the expenses advanced for the funeral.

The deceased's contribution account

Since 2013, legislation has also allowed the family to use the money available in the deceased's accounts to pay the amount of their funeral.

In this context, it is necessary to start by paying the invoice of the funeral director before being able to present this document to the bank to obtain the debit of the bank account (s) of the corresponding sum.

The law sets a limit since the levy cannot exceed 5,000 euros.

Likewise, if the bank balance is not sufficient, the heirs will have to complete.

The rest of the costs can be deducted later, during the final settlement of the estate.

A posteriori envelope

Finally, some public bodies may allocate a sum to the family of the disappeared.

But it is generally necessary to wait several months before obtaining the funds ... If the deceased was retired, his pension is due until the end of the month of his death and goes in principle to his heirs.

Priority is given to the person who files a request with the National Old Age Insurance Fund (CNAV) for reimbursement of funeral costs, up to a ceiling set at 2,286.74 euros.

In addition, the beneficiaries can claim the "death capital" of Social Security, the amount of which varies between 3,000 and 10,000 euros depending on the situation of the deceased.

A similar approach is planned by Pôle emploi.

The spouse and children of the jobseeker who died while receiving compensation must then notify the organization of his disappearance and apply for "death allowance", which will reach 120 times the daily amount he received during his lifetime.


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Alternative funerals

Most often, the family will have to advance the amount of the funeral before being reimbursed.

Rather than having to go into debt temporarily to settle the bill, it is possible to reduce its cost by having comparative quotes made.

The funeral directors sector has not escaped the

low cost


and there are several professional networks offering burial or cremation for less than 2,000 euros in return for services reduced to the essentials or services only accessible on the web. .

More marginally, it is possible to use internet fundraising platforms to involve relatives, friends and acquaintances wishing to support the family in this difficult ordeal.

Note that if the town hall considers that the family of the deceased does not have sufficient resources to finance the funeral, it can bear the cost.

She alone assesses this need and then mandates the funeral directors.

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