China News Service, Guangzhou, March 8 (Reporter Cheng Jingwei) The reporter learned from the portal website of the Guangdong Provincial People's Government on the 8th that the "Guangdong Province Promoting the Construction of a "Waste-Free City" Pilot Work Plan" recently issued by the General Office of the Guangdong Provincial People's Government proposed that Promote Guangdong Province to carry out a pilot project for the construction of a "waste-free city" and explore the construction of a non-waste pilot zone in the Pearl River Delta.

  According to this plan, all cities in the Pearl River Delta will be included in the pilot scope of Guangdong's "Waste-Free City" construction. At the same time, cities in eastern and western Guangdong and northern Guangdong are encouraged to simultaneously carry out pilot work.

  The plan shows that Guangdong will be guided by the concept of green and low-carbon recycling development, focusing on the three key links of solid waste source reduction, resource utilization and safe disposal, innovating systems and mechanisms, optimizing construction models, guiding all employees to participate, and focusing on solving the current solid waste The problem of large amount of waste generation, poor utilization, illegal transfer and dumping, difficulty in site selection of disposal facilities, and structural imbalance of treatment and disposal capacity, gradually build a long-term mechanism for the construction of a "waste-free city".

  By the end of 2023, the pilot cities in Guangdong Province have achieved significant results in promoting green industry, green life, and green agriculture, cultivating solid waste disposal industries, and implementing multiple co-treatment of solid waste. The level of industrial solid waste and domestic waste reduction and resource utilization Comprehensive improvement, comprehensive safety management and control of hazardous waste, and effective use of major agricultural waste.

The coordination mechanism of the non-waste pilot zone has been initially established, and the regional linkage has been continuously strengthened and the cooperation has become more extensive and deeper.

  The plan proposes that Guangdong will encourage and support enterprises to implement full life cycle green management in the production and service process, integrate the concept of green and low-carbon recycling into the entire process of industrial design, production, and recycling, and vigorously promote the construction of a green manufacturing system.

In accordance with the development characteristics and location advantages of the industry in the region, the pilot cities will create a batch of green design products, green supply chains and green factories in the home appliances, building materials, machinery, automobiles, electronic information, chemical, textile and other industries.

  In addition, Guangdong will actively promote the use of advanced industrial solid waste comprehensive utilization, renewable resource recycling technology and equipment, as well as the circular economy technology, technology and equipment encouraged by the state.

Focus on bulk industrial solid wastes such as fly ash, slag, smelting waste, tailings, and desulfurized gypsum, and build a batch of demonstration projects and bases for the comprehensive utilization of industrial solid waste.

Starting from 2021, we will comprehensively promote the construction of green mines, and in accordance with the principle of "building should be built", green mines will be built within a time limit.