The balance of loans to businesses and individuals by banks and credit unions reached a record high of over 578 trillion yen last month.

Due to the state of emergency, some industries, such as the restaurant industry, have borrowed additional funds and are still at a high level.

According to the "Trends in Lending and Deposits" released by the Bank of Japan on the 8th, the balance of loans provided to companies and individuals by banks and credit unions nationwide averaged 578,104.1 billion yen over the past month.

It has surpassed the previous month for four consecutive months, the highest number since 2000 when comparisons can be made.

Due to the state of emergency following the spread of the new coronavirus infection, there are increasing movements in the food service industry and accommodation industry to request additional borrowing of funds.

On the other hand, deposits by companies and individuals have remained at a high level, with an average of 805,561.4 billion yen for the past month, the second highest in the past, due to factors such as the restraint of consumption.

The Bank of Japan says, "While the state of emergency has been extended in March in some areas, we would like to carefully watch the trends to see if the demand for funds from the food service industry will continue to grow."