Sino-Singapore Jingwei Client, March 8th. A new week began. On the 8th (Monday), A shares opened collectively. The Shanghai Index reported 3,54.98 points, an increase of 0.66%; the Shenzhen Component Index reported 14513.79 points, an increase of 0.7%; the GEM index reported. 2,889.08 points, an increase of 0.6%; the Shanghai Stock Exchange 50 Index, 3713.46 points, an increase of 0.67%; the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 reported 5,299.79 points, an increase of 0.7%.

  Shanghai and Shenzhen market opening performance source: Wind

  On the disk, brokerage stocks continued their gains, resource stocks oil, non-ferrous metals, coal, and steel rebounded, and sectors such as optics and optoelectronics, papermaking, automobiles, and logistics were active.

Nuclear power concept stocks strengthened, and Lanshi Heavy Equipment, Taiwan Strait Nuclear Power, and Taiyuan Heavy Industries have their daily limit.

  In terms of individual stocks, 2818 individual stocks rose, of which Hengtai Aipu, ST Veyron, Huachang Chemical and other stocks rose by more than 5%; 786 stocks fell, of which Xuedilong, Youcai Resources, Yiming Pharmaceutical, etc. Only individual stocks fell more than 5%.

  In terms of capital flow, the top five industries that flow into the top five are other delivery equipment, cultural media, Internet media, marketing communications, and shipbuilding; the top five that flow out are other delivery equipment, cultural media, Internet media, marketing communications, Shipbuilding.

  This week, statistics show that the A-share market will usher in the subscription of 11 new shares, including 5 new stocks under the registration system of the Science and Technology Innovation Board and 3 new stocks under the registration system of the ChiNext.

The above-mentioned 11 new shares are expected to issue a total of about 430 million shares, and the total fund-raising is expected to be about 6.4 billion yuan.

Calculated according to the number of issuances, this week will be the new peak of the issuance of new shares in the Lunar New Year of the Ox.

  Globally, on March 6, local time, the U.S. Senate passed 50 votes in favor and 49 votes against, passing the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill.

As for the stock market, US stocks rebounded in intraday trading last Friday, with all three major indexes rising by more than 1% as of the close.

The yield on the US 10-year Treasury bond rose sharply and returned to its previous high after the skyrocketing on February 26.

  GF Securities pointed out that the effectiveness of this US stimulus plan is likely to be significantly weakened from the end of the second quarter to the beginning of the third quarter. Therefore, the risk of US stock adjustments from the end of the second quarter to the beginning of the third quarter is extremely high, and the US stocks will also usher in a long-term style switch after the adjustment. .

  For A shares, Haitong Securities chief strategist Xun Yugen believes that U.S. bond interest rates are a short-term disturbance to A shares, and the A-share bull market pattern has not changed: corporate profits are still recovering, and market sentiment is high but not extreme.

High volatility and round rises are the characteristics of the late bull market. The post-cycle of short-term recovery logic is dominant, such as resources and finance. After the round rises, technology + mass consumption is emphasized.

  CICC believes that export data will further boost corporate earnings expectations. A-shares and overseas Chinese non-financial stocks are expected to achieve growth of more than 20% throughout the year.

At the industry level, we will focus on boosting the performance of machinery, electronics, some chemicals, auto parts and other sectors.

Overseas vaccines continue to land, the US fiscal stimulus policy is passed, and the export data exceeds expectations and China's two sessions are convened, which will help boost short-term sentiment. After the sharp decline in recent weeks, the market may have a short-term rebound.

Overall, the consolidation is still continuing, but it is not appropriate to be overly pessimistic. The market may regain its upward trend after absorbing the impact of valuation and potential policy adjustments.

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