China News Service, Changchun, March 8 (Gao Longan and Sun Boyan) In early March, Changchun, Jilin, was still snowing constantly, and the frozen ground had not completely melted.

The FAW New Energy project site located in the Changchun International Automobile City is already a busy scene. Various types of construction vehicles shuttle back and forth, breaking ice and snow, transporting soil and rock, leveling the ground...

  After the project with a total area of ​​7.09 square kilometers is completed, it will achieve an annual production capacity of 150,000 new energy high-end models and an output value of 40 billion yuan.

  Changchun is the "eldest son" of China's automobile industry, where the headquarters of FAW Group is located. It is an important research and manufacturing base for automobiles in China, and is known as China's "Auto City".

  In recent years, Changchun has closely followed the trend of the "new energy" era in the automotive industry and supported the development of related projects.

The Office of the Comprehensive Deepening Reform Committee of the Changchun Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China stated that Changchun is committed to building a world-class base for R&D, production and aftermarket service of complete vehicles and parts. New energy projects are an important part of Changchun International Automobile City.

  The FAW new energy project with a total investment of 30 billion yuan will be constructed in two phases.

According to Yu Qiutao, the Chinese person in charge of the project, the construction content of the two phases is basically the same. The project factory can realize internationally advanced digital and intelligent production control, and its environmental protection capability has also been greatly improved compared with traditional factories.

Construction site of Hongqi New Energy Project.

Photo courtesy of the interviewee

  The reporter learned that after the completion of FAW's new energy project and put into production, three high-end new energy vehicle products will be launched and put on the market here.

  Not far from the FAW New Energy Project, it is the Hongqi New Energy Project, which is also stepping up construction.

Zhang Dongming, the construction manager of Hongqi New Energy Project, introduced that the project covers a total area of ​​750,000 square meters, including four workshops for stamping, welding, painting, and assembly.

  According to the plan, the Hongqi New Energy Project will be completed and put into production on October 30 this year.

After the project is fully completed, the annual production capacity will be 200,000 new energy vehicles, and the output value will reach 60 billion yuan.

  The reporter learned from the Office of the Comprehensive Deepening Reform Committee of the Changchun Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China that Changchun will fully support China FAW Group to accelerate the deployment of the new four modernizations, and promote the basic realization of electrification of taxis, buses and official vehicles in the city within three years.

Accelerate the construction of the Hongqi Green Smart Town and the "Qizhichuncheng" Smart Networking Demonstration Zone, accelerate the deployment of smart networked application equipment, and fully launch new energy infrastructure such as charging stations, power stations, and hydrogen refueling stations.