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US International Trade Commission, which supported LG Energy Solutions' hand in a lawsuit against SK Innovation infringement of trade secrets, released a final statement of opinion.

It was determined that SK Innovation had infringed over 20 trade secrets, but SK said it was unacceptable and would ask the President of the United States to exercise its veto power.

This is reporter Lee Seong-hoon.

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ITC of the US International Trade Commission said that there are 22 trade secrets of LG Energy Solutions infringed by SK Innovation.

“SK would not have been able to develop the information within 10 years without this trade secret,” he criticized.

This is the basis for the 10-year ban on import and sale of SK's batteries and parts in the United States.

[Hanungjae / LG Energy Solutions Legal mounting: is key competitors received the sanction of our battery production, development, was infringing trade secrets of manufacturing the whole process for 10 years prohibited the import and trade secrets to stop infringement]

However, SK ITC Protested that it failed to properly identify the infringement of trade secrets.

SK argued that "ITC has never actually verified LG's claims of infringement of trade secrets," and said, "Because the battery development and manufacturing method is different from LG, there is no need for LG's trade secrets at all."

At the same time, he said he would strongly ask US President Biden to exercise his veto.

Contrary to the prospect that the two companies will enter into the settlement process with the ITC ruling, they are fighting more sharply over the difference in settlement amount by trillions.

Conflict is expected to continue until next month, as the US President must decide whether to exercise the veto within 60 days after the ITC decision.