[Explanation] "An independent woman is the queen by herself." Walking into the Jiashi Garment Factory in Wuhan, a red banner hung high is eye-catching.

On the factory shelves, a set of packed white shirts and pleated skirts are neatly arranged; in the workshop, female workers in work clothes are busy cutting plates, ironing, and flying needles.

  [Explanation] The Jiashi Garment Factory is located in the suburb of Huangpi, Wuhan. It was established in 2018. It is mainly engaged in school uniforms and JK uniforms (Japanese high school girls uniforms).

Xiang Jingyan, the owner of the factory, told reporters that Huangpi District is planned as an eco-tourism functional area by Wuhan City, and there are many migrants, including women who marry away from home, and job opportunities are very scarce.

To this end, the Garment Factory in Canada has recruited "Bao Moms" and has already hired nearly 200 "Bao Moms".

  [Concurrent] Xiang Jingyan, owner of the Garment Factory in Canada

  This year, our factory has already reached more than 130 mothers.

Then their average salary is about 5,000 or 6,000 yuan, and if it is lower, it will be as low as 3,000 or 4,000 yuan.

  [Explanation] Xiang Jingyan, who is also a "bao mom", knows the "pain points" of mothers of school-age children and the need to take care of the baby at work.

She sets up flexible working hours for employees, does not work overtime, can take children to school, bring them to work, and work from home in special circumstances.

  [Concurrent] Xiang Jingyan, owner of the Garment Factory in Canada

  In the morning, she can send her child to school and then come to work.

When it's (time) to pick up the child, she will pick up the child, and the child will be picked up in our factory, in a special activity room to do homework, and then play with her friends, waiting for her mother to finish today's work , And then she can go home together after get off work.

At this time, they are flexible in their own arrangements, according to her own family situation.

  [Explanation] For Yang Qing, who is now 30 years old, being able to find a job that can take care of her children and make ends meet is one of her luckiest things in recent years.

Yang Qing said that because of marriage and childbirth, she had been a full-time mother for many years, and she felt "derailed" from society. Now she is relaxed, confident, tired and happy.

  [Concurrent] Yang Qing, employee of Jiashi Garment Factory

  When I work here, I am mainly in a more cheerful mood, and I have plenty of time. If I work and make money myself, I feel very fulfilled, and I have confidence in my speech.

There is no need to reach out to her husband every month.

  [Concurrent] Ai Xia, employee of Jiashi Garment Factory

  Before going to work in the morning, or leaving get off work early, I organized my home in an orderly manner, that is, I took care of my home and my children. I think this aspect is the most important.

  [Explanation] In 2020, due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia, the Jiashi clothing factory suffered a large number of chargebacks. At this time in previous years, summer school uniforms were the most popular, but because many schools have not resumed, the factory's main school uniforms have no market.

In recent years, JK uniforms have been popular among young people in China, and their sales have been booming.

Xiang Jingyan decided to transform.

  According to reports, the workmanship of the pleated skirts in JK uniforms is very demanding. Each grid must be matched, and the width of each pleat must be accurately measured.

Xiang Jingyan invited master tailors to teach production skills to the "baby moms". A few months later, the average daily production capacity of JK uniforms in the factory increased to about 1,000 sets.

  [Concurrent] Xiang Jingyan, owner of the Garment Factory in Canada

  For example, Laos and then Singapore, and then there are also Japan.

Monthly sales can reach more than 3 million (yuan) in the peak season.

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]