China News Service, Kunming, March 5 (Liang Jingwen and Huang Dong) From March 1, 5 international routes from Kunming, China to Dhaka, Bangladesh, Vientiane, Laos, Yangon, Myanmar, Colombo, Sri Lanka, and Phnom Penh, Cambodia have resumed one after another.

The Kunming Entry-Exit Border Checkpoint in Yunnan Province is doing its best to prevent and control the epidemic, and at the same time, make every effort to ensure the smooth resumption of international routes at the Kunming Airport Port.

  With the gradual restoration of international routes at Kunming Airport Port, as of now, Kunming Changshui International Airport has 8 international passenger routes, 8 international cargo routes, and more than 50 weekly flights. The routes cover India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, 10 countries including Nepal, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia.

The picture shows the inspector checking the incoming passengers.

Photo courtesy of Kunming Border Checkpoint

  The Kunming Entry-Exit Border Inspection Station gave full play to its functions as border inspections, adopted a number of hard-core measures to prevent the import of overseas epidemics, and assisted aviation companies in resuming work and production.

The station pays close attention to the trend of overseas epidemics, continuously improves its big data analysis and investigation capabilities, formulates flight risk assessments and pushes front-line personnel on duty, and accurately targets high-risk personnel involved in the epidemic in advance.

Strengthen close cooperation with customs and airport epidemic prevention command departments, strengthen entry inspections, inquiries, and cooperate with customs to prevent the spread of the epidemic through entry and exit channels, and achieve closed-loop management of the entire process of entry personnel.

Actively coordinate and connect with airlines, and while asking about the needs of the company, strengthen the National Immigration Administration's preaching on epidemic prevention and control and immigration policies.

Master flight status in advance, scientifically deploy on-site police force, and promptly open full verification channels to ensure that passengers can pass customs efficiently and conveniently at Kunming Airport after the resumption of international flights.

At the same time, the police’s anti-epidemic equipment and the frequency of on-site killings were further strengthened, and disinfection supplies were placed in the border inspection hall to ensure the safety and stability of the customs clearance environment at the port during the recovery of passenger flow.

  To help the resumption of work and air travel, and to prevent and control the epidemic, Kunming border inspection always sticks to its posts, protects the country, and provides “all-time, all-weather, and zero-wait” customs clearance services at the port to create a good port environment for local economic development.