China News Service, March 4th (Wang Zitao and Xu Wenfeng) If peaches and plums are vying for spring, they will all be flower lovers.

The reporter learned from China Railway Shanghai Bureau Group Co., Ltd. on the 4th that the golden season of the Spring Outing in the Year of the Ox is coming. The Yangtze River Delta Railway has recently introduced a transportation plan for the Spring Outing. It is expected to send 44 million passengers and an average of 1.571 million passengers per day. 76.8% of the previous period; the railway department plans to use 60 pairs of rush hour trains and 17 additional EMU trains to help passengers rush to a spring appointment.

EMU trains run on the Xuyan high-speed rail line.

Photo by Li Wenwei

  Spring is a good time to enjoy the scenery and enjoy the mind and body. The Yangtze River Delta is densely populated, economically developed, numerous scenic spots, and rich in tourism resources; the railways in the region are woven into a network, high-speed rail and public transportation are opened, and it has become the norm to take high-speed rail and slow travel. .

With the elimination of high-risk areas across the country, the restrained travel demand of citizens and tourists is expected to usher in a retaliatory rebound.

  It is reported that the spring tourist flow of the Yangtze River Delta Railway will present the following characteristics this year. First, short- and medium-distance tours have become mainstream. Urban tours, outings, and family tours continue to heat up. Urban attractions, natural ecology, famous cities and ancient towns, and suburban villages will be favored by tourists. The travel range is relatively concentrated within the 3-hour traffic circle of the high-speed rail; second, the red tourism fever is rising. This year coincides with the centennial of the founding of the party. Red tourist attractions in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui and other places will attract tourists to check-in and visit. Relive the red memory, pursue the red footprint, and inherit the red gene; third, weekend trips will become the focus, and the tourist flow in spring will be changed from "outing + grave sweeping" to "mainly traveling and sweeping graves supplemented", using the time from Friday to Sunday to travel. The choice of most people; fourth is to add a number of spring outings. Last year, the Lianzhen high-speed railway and the Shanghe-Hangzhou high-speed railway were all connected. The Yantong high-speed railway, He'an high-speed railway, Xulian high-speed railway, and Quning railway were opened for operation. Yancheng, Xuzhou, Lianyungang, etc., Suichang, Songyang, Longquan, Qingyuan and many other regions in southwestern Zhejiang will become new spring outing destinations.

  Taking into account the warmer weather, the improvement of the epidemic situation and the increasing willingness of tourists to travel, the Yangtze River Delta Railway Department will organize the transportation of this year’s Spring Outing in two stages. The first stage is 20 days from March 12 to March 31. Passenger flow It is in a stable climbing stage, with an average daily delivery of about 1.5 million passengers; the second phase is 8 days from April 1 to April 8 (including the Qingming holiday), and the passenger flow ushered in a peak period, with an average daily delivery of 1.8 million passengers about.

  Spring outing "just walk away" means that the prevention and control of the epidemic needs to be more detailed and practical.

All passenger stations on the Yangtze River Delta Railway will further optimize the temperature measurement and code verification flow lines to achieve the three 100% goals of passenger and staff temperature measurement rate, standardized mask wearing rate, and fever handover and disposal rate.

The railway staff will normalize the implementation of normalized disinfection and ventilation measures, dynamically adjust the disinfection time, frequency and intensity according to passenger flow, strengthen the disinfection of areas and facilities such as waiting rooms, toilets, public service facilities, and incoming trains, and increase central air conditioning The ventilation system provides fresh air to keep public places with suitable temperature, fresh air and clean environment, and strive to create a safe and secure travel environment for passengers.

  In addition, in order to meet the new changes in people's spring travel needs under the normalized situation of epidemic prevention and control, the railway department will also launch new products such as inter-provincial soft sleeper trains, Yunnan-Guizhou tourist trains, and southern tourist trains.

As the only railway tourism company in the Yangtze River Delta, Li Li, deputy general manager of Shanghai Railway International Tourism (Group) Co., Ltd., said, "We will also focus on'revisiting the red history, inheriting the spirit of struggle,' experiencing the beautiful countryside, and helping to revitalize the countryside', etc. The theme is to provide customized services of'high-speed rail + red education route', highlight political and social benefits, guide the people to taste red culture, experience a beautiful and happy life, and help the cultural tourism market and cultural tourism enterprises to fully recover." (End)