China News Service, Shanghai, March 4 (Reporter Jiang Yu) Fidelity International, a well-known investment management company, released a survey report in Shanghai on the 4th, stating that in all the markets covered by the survey, China is the only female Men have more savings in the market.

  The survey was conducted in the UK, Germany, China, Japan and other markets in January 2021. A total of 12,038 men and women were interviewed, of which more than 2,000 were Chinese respondents.

  The survey shows that Chinese women have considerable disposable funds. Chinese women surveyed have 7% more savings than men. China is the only woman in all the markets surveyed in this survey to save more than men.

Moreover, Chinese women also play a more dominant role in family financial management. Among those who have a partner, 76% of women said that they are responsible for managing the entire family's finances.

  Although women have discretionary savings, relatively speaking, men are more inclined to implement investments.

The survey results show that the average investment amount held by Chinese men is 6% higher than that of women, and men also choose equity investment more — 45% of men hold stocks or securities products, while among female respondents This proportion is 38%.

36% of female investors said that they would adopt a conservative investment style and regard avoiding losses as their first priority.

  He Huifen, chairman of Fidelity International China, said that Chinese women have a high degree of initiative in financial planning and are the main decision-makers in wealth management for themselves and their families. However, compared with male respondents, women’s investment is still insufficient and needs Help them unleash the investment potential for their future lives.

  In addition, 29% of the Chinese women surveyed said that their personal income has declined due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 30% said that their investment has also decreased, and a total of 28% of women felt that the epidemic has had a greater impact on their career development. Big negative impact.