However, as a result of our interview, it was confirmed that not only the LH staff, but also the daughter of a city councilor in Siheung, bought land in the area and built a two-story house there.

The city council clarified that the development information was not known in advance.

Reporter Jeon Hyeong-woo covered it alone.

<Reporter> It

is a two-story building in Gwarim-dong, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do.

In September 2018, a woman in her late 20s bought 111 square meters of land for 100 million won.

It was two weeks before the announcement of the 3rd new city plan.

It was a narrow, triangular land next to the waste treatment plant, so it remained empty. After 7 months of purchase, the woman changed its use from forest to land and built a building.

[Siheung-si Guarim-dong Authorized Realtor: (if there is a building) I will create a residential complex for migration, giving priority to receiving the sale of the commercial housing site.

Blood (more than the sale right) usually costs 300 million won or 400 million won.

The expensive ones cost 500 million won and 1 billion won.] As

Siheung Gwangmyeong was selected as the 6th 3rd new town last month, this woman became eligible to receive the right to sell shopping malls.

The woman's mother is Siheung City Councilman A of the Democratic Party.

Member A is a member of the city council's committee on urban development and housing supply from the time the land was purchased to the present, raising controversy over conflicts of interest.

Congressman A said that the site was introduced through a real estate he knew and that his daughter had been invited to purchase it.

However, he explained that he only lent 5 million won to his daughter to buy the land, and that the remaining amount was raised with money and loans that the daughter had raised by himself.

[Mr. A/Siheung City Councilman: I live on the second floor with my daughter going back and forth, but I picked it up in a small one-room style.

So that we can live even after we are old.]

In addition, there was a vague expectation that Guarim-dong would be included in the 3rd new town someday, but he explained that it was not purchased in advance after obtaining information.

Although the government is planning a thorough investigation of employees such as the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, local governments, and LH, local council politicians were not included in the survey.

(Video coverage: Kang Dong-cheol, video editing: Park player)

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"Comprehensive survey of the 3rd new town"

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Lack of permits and loans