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government has introduced customized damage support measures that give up to 5 million won per business site for the 4th disaster support to small businessmen who have been damaged by social distancing.

The financial resources were decided to prepare and prepare an additional budget of 15 trillion won.

This is reporter Hwa Gang-yoon.

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4th Disaster Support Fund is divided into 5 types of support and paid differentially.

Businesses with a long ban on gatherings such as karaoke, gym, and entertainment will receive 5 million won, 4 million won for businesses where the ban on gatherings is eased, such as academy, and 3 million won for restricted businesses such as restaurants, cafes, and PC cafes.

Even if there were no business restrictions, if sales declined, we would pay 1 million won, and 2 million won for places where sales fell by more than 20%, such as travel and performance businesses.

In order to compensate for the blind spot, the existing limit of less than 5 employees and sales of KRW 400 million was released, and the case where one person operates multiple businesses was also included in the support.

As a result, the number of small businesses eligible for support is 3.85 million, an increase of more than 1 million from the third round.

The underprivileged, such as special hires and freelancers, corporate taxi drivers, and local government registered street vendors are also supported.

In addition, KRW 2.8 trillion is invested in supporting employment maintenance and providing additional public jobs to respond to the employment shock, and KRW 4.1 trillion is invested in covering the cost of vaccine purchases and compensation for losses in medical institutions.

The financial resources are prepared as an additional revised budget of KRW 15 trillion, and we plan to issue a deficit of KRW 9 trillion in government bonds, excluding funds from the fund.

The government is planning to submit an additional budget bill to the National Assembly the day after tomorrow (4th), but if the National Assembly's review is completed quickly, it is predicted that execution can begin at the end of this month before the by-election begins.