According to the major international references specialized in measuring economic performance

The UAE is among the top 10 in the world in 24 economic indicators during 2020

The speed of recovery boosted business continuity with momentum in commercial activities.


The global competitiveness indicators documented, during the year 2020, the package of achievements made by the UAE in many sectors, foremost of which is the economy and business sector, which strengthened the position of the country entering the second 50th of its centenary, and it seeks to accumulate more in the record of leadership and excellence that it has made over the years Past.

The monitoring carried out by the Federal Center for Competitiveness and Statistics for Global Competitiveness Reports shows that the major international references specialized in measuring economic performance have ranked the UAE among the top 10 club in the world, in 24 indicators of competitiveness indicators for the economic sector and doing business for the year 2020, noting that these Achievements do not include what has been announced since the start of 2021.

Competitive indicators

In the annual book of global competitiveness, issued by the International Institute for Administrative Development, as well as in the "Global Competitiveness Report 4.0" and "Prosperity Index", published by the "Legatum Institute", the UAE is ranked the global leader in competitiveness indicators related to the economic sector and sustainability.

These indicators include: public-private partnership, low inflation, and terms of trade.

It also covers less time to file taxes, fewer threats to change business locations on the economy, less tax evasion, less wasteful government spending, as well as less personal income tax collected in percentage terms.

The UAE ranked among the first in the indicators: flexibility of companies, ease of doing business, total domestic savings, and the state of developing economic agglomerations.

Competitive comparisons also included areas: the informal economy, the availability of opportunities and the absence of threats, and the country's reputation abroad.

The most secure

The importance of international documentation of the Emirati economic leadership in 2020, as it was a year full of challenges imposed by the "Covid-19" pandemic, which disrupted global stability, and tested the economic solvency in its ability to hedge and adapt and the speed of recovery, which strengthened business continuity with momentum in commercial activities and the ability On competition and growth it involved various vital and driving sectors.

The American "Forbes" magazine had previously classified the UAE in the first place in the Arab world, and the ninth in the world, in the "Index of Countries Safer from the" Covid-19 "virus, which was procedurally represented by the expansion of programs to attract foreign investment as a business strategy for 2021. .

The surveys of the conclusion of 2020 showed that the UAE, which early formed a national committee to manage and govern the recovery phase of the pandemic crisis, strengthened this procedure with 11 programs and support initiatives.

Supportive policies

Supportive policies included the appointment of three ministers to support the economic sector, and a minister of state for entrepreneurship and small and medium enterprises, as well as amending the companies law to establish a new economic stage, and promulgating laws and economic legislation to support youth projects and entrepreneurs.

Supportive programs and initiatives included: the establishment of specialized free zones, the national register of assets, the establishment of a credit information company, and a law for foreign investment, which in their entirety are economic peculiarities that have made references to measuring global competition, giving the UAE the lead in eight vital economic indicators.

"AA2" rating

In 2020, the international rating agency, Moody's, granted the UAE a rating of "AA2" in creditworthiness, which is the highest sovereign rating in the region, with a "stable" view of the national economy.

- The

UAE is among the top club in terms of corporate flexibility and ease of doing business.

- The first in the Arab world and the ninth in the world in the index of safer countries from "Covid-19".

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