Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 2 (Reporter Wang Yuxiao) The reporter learned from the State Administration of Taxation on the 2nd that the Hebei Taxation Department cooperated with the police to investigate and deal with a case of a false electronic ticket gang, arrested 6 gang members and found out The criminal suspects illegally registered a shell company online, applied for and falsely issued an electronic special ticket to the outside world, involving an amount of more than 4 million yuan.

This is the first false case that has been investigated and handled since the introduction of electronic value-added tax invoices in my country.

  According to reports, in December 2020, relying on the "one-family" management mechanism of electronic special tickets, the Hebei taxation department discovered that the electronic special tickets issued by a newly opened trading company in Shijiazhuang City contained significant tax risks, and quickly carried out on-site inspections to lock in The company was suspected of false opening, and through the tax police linkage, the false opening case was quickly cracked.

  In order to further optimize the taxation business environment, the State Administration of Taxation will gradually implement special electronic VAT invoices among newly registered taxpayers across the country starting from September 1, 2020.

Electronic special tickets are recognized by taxpayers due to their advantages such as faster receipt and more convenient delivery.

But at the same time, there are also criminals who use electronic special invoices to implement false invoices, disrupting the order of the tax economy and infringing on the country's tax rights and interests.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the State Administration of Taxation, the taxation department actively promotes the "one-family" management mechanism in the process of promoting electronic special invoices, and provides first-invoice services to taxpayers who have approved or received electronic special invoices for the first time. It masters policy regulations and operating procedures; at the same time, it implements precise management of tax-related risks, realizes automatic early warning of doubtful information systems and rapid analysis and response, and timely and effective prevention of fraudulent tax fraud risks.

  The person in charge said that the promotion of electronic special tickets is an important measure to continuously optimize taxation services and further optimize the business environment.

The taxation department will continue to provide taxpayers with high-quality services to enhance taxpayers’ sense of gain, and at the same time, adhere to a zero-tolerance attitude to "attack at the outset" against tax violations and crimes that harm national interests.