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Updated on Tuesday, 2March2021-09: 14

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  • Labor Discouragement at work reaches record highs and closed 2020 with almost 700,000 people without hope of finding work

The Vice President of Economic Affairs, Nadia Calviño, wanted to prepare the ground for another bad news in the labor market on Monday.

"The data are not good," he advanced ... The slowdown in activity in the first quarter of the year is becoming more than evident and so is, therefore, its reflection in the labor market.

Thus, February has followed the path of a more than disappointing January and has closed with a destruction of 30,211 jobs, an increase in unemployment of 44,436 people, already surpassing the psychological barrier of 4 million unemployed, and with a worrying rebound in the workers in ERTE, which are already close to one million.

Calviño's words on Monday were not improvised.

And it is that Moncloa is clear that there

are still very tough economic months ahead

, with a spring marked by the expiration of important networks [such as moratoriums on rentals or bankruptcies] that can cause a new


in the form of bankruptcies.

The forecast is that 300,000 of the almost one and a half million freelancers operating in Spain will have to lower the blind on their businesses this year, according to the latest ATA calculations, while the Government continues to define how

those 11 billion euros will

be articulated

in aid

promised last week by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez.

Having ruled out direct aid, as demanded by businessmen, which the Executive considers to be the competence of the CCAA, the negotiation with the bank on a system of deductions in ICO credits seems to have reached a dead end.

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