In a private survey asking whether men and women are equal in society as a whole, 54% of men answered that "men are given preferential treatment", while 75% of women answered that they are more than 20 points higher. It turned out that there was a big difference in consciousness between men and women.

This survey was conducted by Dentsu Communication Institute last month on 3,000 men and women between the ages of 18 and 79 nationwide.

According to this, when asked "Is men and women equal in society as a whole?", 54.1% of men answered that "men are given preferential treatment" and "rather preferential treatment". In contrast, females reached 75%, which is more than 20 points higher, showing a large difference in consciousness between males and females.

In addition,

the average response to the question "How many years will the ratio of female managers in companies reach 30%?" Is 24.7 years later.

▽ The question "How many years will the female Prime Minister be born?" Was 27.9 years later.

On the other hand, when

asked "Do you think you should seriously work toward gender equality?", 78.4% of the respondents answered "Yes" and "Somewhat agree". did.

Dentsu Communication Institute said, "It has become clear that people are feeling the disparity between men and women." He said, "The momentum for equality is increasing across generations." It is said that efforts are required.