There has been a report that an imported car sales company allows you to pay by card for a maximum amount of time when you buy a car, and that the order of vehicle shipment is also adjusted at will.

The company said it was not, but the results of our interview were different.

This is Jeon Yeon-nam reporter.


One of the official domestic sales companies of a foreign car, sales staff claim that the company has virtually prevented consumers from making payments with cards of 20 million won or more.

[Sales staff A: Set the maximum limit for card payment, and if you pay more than that, the sales staff will pay the affiliated store commission part...


Consumers can enjoy the benefits of accumulating points or receiving cash back through card payment while buying expensive vehicles, which has left a portion of the commission incurred to consumers and employees.

Consumers have to wait for at least a year for the vehicle to be released, and the vehicle was secretly assigned priority to celebrities or acquaintances of the company.

[Sales staff B: Representative acquaintances, celebrities, celebrities, celebrities, contracts. Please report what you need

in advance


I even falsified family relations certificates to get rid of the order.

[Sales clerk C: There are cases where we can help you quickly leave the factory by forging a certificate of family relations, as if you were a family member of a really different person.]

In the family relationship certificate obtained by the reporters, the first digit at the end of the resident registration number is '2', that is, two women are registered as couples.

Most of the sellers deny it.

[Seller representative: I know that there is no such thing as for (card payment fee).

About five to six cars are separated for complaints (customers), and then (first shipped) in this way.]

However, when the reporters tried to purchase a vehicle through a direct sales company, things that they denied happen.

[(Card payment) Up to 20 million won is possible.

(Fee) For parts that exceed 500,000 won, the customer (must be)]

[If you sign a contract now, it will take 10 months to a year.

Most of the time, it only takes one month.]

Consumers and employees who purchased a vehicle from the vendor are first preparing a class action suit for violation of the law related to card payment.

(Video coverage: Kim Heung-sik·Jang Unseok, video editing: Kim Jun-hee, VJ: Jung Min-gu)