Mizuho Bank, which has become unable to use ATMs = automatic teller machines nationwide due to a system failure on February 28, was held at a press conference by President Koji Fujiwara on the 1st, saying, "For customers who have caused inconvenience. We deeply apologize. "

Customers who use ATMs such as convenience stores due to system failures will be refunded the full amount of the fees.

Koji Fujiwara, president of Mizuho Bank, held a press conference at the head office from 6 pm on the 1st, saying, "We take this situation very seriously. We deeply apologize to our customers and society for the inconvenience." did.

Due to the system failure caused by Mizuho Bank on February 28, 4318 ATMs, which is 80% of the 5395 ATMs installed all over the country, became unavailable at the peak.

In addition, there were a number of customers who had to wait for a long time because their bankbooks and cash cards could not be taken out of ATMs.

As a result of the restoration work, Mr. Fujiwara revealed that all ATMs were operating normally by 3:00 pm on the 1st, and explained the cause of the system failure, "Transfer of 450,000 fixed deposit data at the end of the month. 250,000 cases overlapped, and a part of the system was overloaded and overflowed. "

In addition to refunding the full amount of fees charged to customers using ATMs such as convenience stores due to the effects of system failures, the company plans to return the bankbooks and other items remaining at ATMs.

Regarding Mizuho Bank, two large-scale system failures occurred in April 2002, when the three banks merged and started operations, and in March 2011, immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake. I received an administrative punishment from the Financial Services Agency.

Mr. Fujiwara said, "We have been working on building a safe and reliable system based on past system failures, but I realized that it is necessary to check again for factors unique to Mizuho," and to prevent recurrence. He showed the idea of ​​verifying the correspondence so far.

Taking this system failure seriously, the Financial Services Agency has a policy of issuing a "report request order" requesting reports on the cause and recurrence prevention measures based on the law.