Mercadona has delivered

409 million euros

to the 90,000 workers on its staff for the work carried out in 2020. Of these, 366 million represent the payment of bonuses for objectives and the remaining 43 are in recognition of the commitment made during the health crisis.

The 366 million corresponding to the premium have been delivered on March 1, while the recognition to workers during the pandemic was paid in April 2020 in the form of a

20% premium


"We are a strategic sector that has the responsibility of supplying citizens every day. Therefore, the management committee, led by the president, have decided to value the effort that workers are making with this premium", sources from the company pointed out at the time.

The company, as explained in a press release, "recognizes the great work done by all its workers during this 2020."

Last year they achieved "the best management in their history" as they guaranteed "the supply and opening every day of their more than 1,600 stores in Spain and Portugal".

Mercadona has also recalled that this "pioneering" initiative to "share the benefits with those who actually generate them" was implemented 20 years ago, in 2001. Since then, they presume, more than 4,200 million euros have been distributed.

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