With the rapid progress of electrification of cars in the world, in anticipation of electrification of motorcycles, Honda of Japan, Yamaha Motor, and motorcycle manufacturers in Europe have decided to cooperate in the development of batteries.

Honda and Yamaha Motor, which make motorcycles, Austria's "KTM" and Italy's "Piaggio" have decided to work together to popularize electric motorcycles.

We will make a small battery common to all four companies so that it can be installed in the electric motorcycles developed by each company.

The four companies are considering a mechanism to maintain a stand along the road and replace it with a charged battery every time the battery becomes empty so that the motorcycle can continue to drive.

In May, we set up an organization to study battery design, etc., and hope to reduce the cost of batteries and increase the distance that can be run on a single charge.

As the electrification of cars accelerates around the world, the four companies will join hands in anticipation of the electrification of motorcycles and invite other manufacturers to participate in the future.

Honda says, "Electricization efforts are accelerating, especially in Europe, and it is expected that electric motorcycles will become widespread. We would like to cooperate with each company where we can cooperate while working hard."