China News Service, Beijing, March 1 (Reporter Li Xiaoyu) On March 1, the Ministry of Commerce of China announced a new policy for stabilizing foreign investment, demanding to ensure the implementation of opening-up measures in the automotive and financial sectors, and to promote the continuous opening of the digital economy and the Internet.

  The Ministry of Commerce recently issued the "Notice on Doing a Good Job in Stabilizing Foreign Investment Focusing on the Construction of a New Development Pattern," and put forward a series of measures to stabilize foreign investment in expanding opening up, increasing investment in the industrial chain, and improving the foreign investment service guarantee system.

  These measures include continuing to thoroughly clean up regulations and normative documents that are inconsistent and inconsistent with the Foreign Investment Law; further clean up restrictions on foreign investment access outside the negative list; increase investment and guide foreign investment in advanced manufacturing, Emerging industries, high-tech, energy conservation and environmental protection; promote lowering of policy thresholds for foreign-funded R&D centers, guide foreign businessmen to increase investment in scientific and technological innovation in China; promote the continuous opening of digital economy, Internet and other fields; develop cross-border service trade in free trade zones Negative list etc.

  The "Notice" also made it clear that it is necessary to actively attract strategic investment.

Study and improve the management system for foreign investors' strategic investment in listed companies, and relax requirements for foreign investors' strategic investment in listed companies' qualifications, shareholding ratio, and shareholding lock-up period.

  In terms of service guarantee for foreign investment, the "Notice" requires strengthening the service guarantee for foreign-funded enterprises and key foreign-funded projects, promptly solving difficult problems encountered by foreign-funded enterprises and projects, and increasing support for key projects in terms of land use, energy consumption, and funding.

  In 2020, China's absorption of foreign capital hit a record high, becoming the world's largest foreign capital inflow country.

The Ministry of Commerce recently stated that the epidemic situation and the uncertainty of the prospects for economic recovery are superimposed by fierce competition in international investment. There are still uncertainties in the situation of stabilizing foreign investment this year, and it is necessary to continue to absorb foreign investment in a stable base.