China News Service, Shenzhen, February 28 (Reporter Zheng Xiaohong and Chen Wen) Shenzhen Longgang Police released information on the 28th that Longgang Police recently raided Dalian Huaxun Investment Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Dalian Huaxun") and dealt with 147 suspects. Criminal coercive measures were taken on suspicion of fraud and false advertising, and 12 company executives, including the chairman, were arrested.

According to preliminary statistics, the amount involved in the case of Dalian Huaxun Company is as high as 2.7 billion yuan (RMB, the same below), and the investment victims are scattered all over the country.

  Dalian Huaxun was established in 2000 and was an early company that obtained an investment advisory license. It started operating in an office building in Shenzhen in 2015 and was listed on the New Third Board in the same year.

The company's financial report shows that the company's investment advisory business income reached 169 million yuan in the first half of the year.

  In March last year, a female stock investor listened to the advertisement of the "Dalian ECCOM Investment" company and the recommendation of a "famous teacher", and followed the recommendation of the "ECCOM Stock" APP to buy and sell, but there was no "continuous skyrocketing" as Dalian ECCOM called The situation is that you lose money as soon as you buy, and get stuck deeply.

The woman contacted the company to discuss the case, but she reported to the Longgang police and claimed to file a complaint with the Securities Regulatory Commission.

Immediately, someone from the company contacted the woman and processed a refund for her, but according to the company's requirements, she was required to delete all chat records with the salesperson and withdraw the case from the police.

  This strange operation also attracted the attention of the police.

  A preliminary investigation by the police revealed that the main business of Dalian Huaxun Investment Company is to sell members of the company's stock trading software "Huaxun Stock APP" and charge service fees.

  The company first advertises "recommended stocks" on a number of online platforms, attracting investors' attention with the gimmick of receiving "golden stocks" for free; then, the salesman draws investors into the recommended stocks group and repeatedly "brainwashing" them to induce them to buy APP members .

  The cheapest member of the "ECCOM Stocks" APP charges 8,800 yuan a year for a service fee, and there are 28,000 yuan, 39,800 yuan, and 128,000 yuan for different levels.

According to different sales, salespersons can get 3% to 10% of the performance commission.

  After a large number of investigations and evidence collection, the police also obtained evidence of suspected fraud and false advertising crimes by Dalian ECCOM.

  At present, with the approval of the procuratorial organ in accordance with the law, the police have arrested 12 senior executives of Dalian Huaxun Investment Company, including Chairman Zhou Moufu.