As demand for acrylic plates grows as a countermeasure against infection with the new corona, Mitsubishi Chemical, a major chemical manufacturer, has decided to build a new facility to recycle acrylic products and aim to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the manufacturing process. It was.

As the industry demands decarbonization efforts, there is an active movement among chemical manufacturers to recycle acrylic.

Acrylic resins made from petroleum are widely used in automobile parts, etc., and demand for acrylic plates used as an infection control measure is increasing recently, but the issue is that a large amount of carbon dioxide is emitted during the manufacturing process. ..

Under these circumstances, Mitsubishi Chemical has decided to construct a new facility for recycling products such as acrylic boards by the end of this year, aiming for practical use after 2023.

If recycling is realized, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by up to 70% compared to the process of producing acrylic resin from petroleum, and the company wants to establish production technology for highly transparent and high-quality recycled products. I will.

Among chemical manufacturers, Sumitomo Chemical also plans to build equipment for recycling acrylic products from next year onward, and the movements of each company are becoming active as industry efforts toward decarbonization are required.