Xinhua News Agency, Guiyang, February 27th (Reporter Shi Qiangui) Guizhou Province will give full play to its leading role in scientific and technological innovation, and plan to achieve 100% of the coal mining mechanization rate and auxiliary system intelligence rate of normal production in 2020. 50 smart coal mines will be built in 2025.

  According to the "Opinions on Deepening the New Operation Mechanism of Energy Industry and Accelerating the High-quality Development of Energy" issued by the General Office of the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the Guizhou Provincial People's Government, Guizhou will vigorously promote coal in areas such as optimizing development layout and accelerating intelligent construction. Industrial safety, green, intelligent and efficient development.

According to the above opinions, by 2025, the coal production capacity of Guizhou Province will reach 250 million tons per year, and the comprehensive mining and comprehensive excavation of production coal mines will be basically intelligent, and 50 smart coal mines will be built.

  At the same time, Guizhou will also build an "Intelligent Coal Mine Innovation Platform" to promote more advanced and practical energy technology equipment.

Through the development and application of intelligent mining technology and equipment and robots in coal mines, it supports the construction of a major scientific and technological industry chain of intelligent mining suitable for Guizhou coal mines.

By 2025, outburst prevention robots will be widely used in outburst coal mining face, and 10 mine rescue centers will be equipped with rescue robots.