It has become an important destination for those seeking success

Dubai enhances its attractiveness among the most important investment centers in the region and the world

The development and development that Dubai is witnessing, which is characterized by the most “impressive” and “sustainability”, has transformed the emirate into one of the most popular and widespread success stories .. And recently, “Danat Al Dunia” gained the attention of major newspapers and international news agencies after it showed the wave of fog that the UAE witnessed Charming aesthetics of the emirate.

Dubai embraced its glory and the height of the clouds in captivating scenes that compete with the most famous photographers in the world to document them with video and photo shots that have become the most popular and most viewed in many media and social media.

And because it is Dubai ... the interest was usual and the forefront of media interest in it was a natural thing, as it is the heart of the region’s economy, the destination of millions of tourists, the face of students and talented people, a beacon of development and innovation, the ground for major international exhibitions and forums, the incubator for major sporting events, and a forum for art and artists.

The charming pictures and snapshots of the emirate’s buildings expressed the height and glory of the emirate’s civilization. Besides Burj Khalifa, the highest building constructed by humans with a height of 828 meters, the emirate of Dubai includes 4 towers that were classified among the 10 tallest residential skyscrapers in the world, according to the classification prepared by Prestige Online magazine. Specialized in aspects of luxury, luxury and luxury brands in 2020, as the list of towers included: Elite Residence, 380 meters high, Princess Tower 413 meters high, 23 Marina, 392 meters high, and the Torch, 352 meters high. .

Dubai is a destination where the world meets, and today it is the most prominent tourist destination in the region, which is visited annually by about 21 million visitors, and Dubai has chosen from the beginnings to be the homeland of creativity and the meeting point for creative people in all fields that serve humanity, with its commitment to the global investment community to provide the best climates. Supportive, which ensures the highest levels of security and transparency with clear legislative frameworks and carefully studied organizational structures, to enhance its attractiveness among the most important investment centers in the region and the world.

Dubai records its success by moving from relying on the accumulation of factors of production to a model based on innovation, leadership and high productivity, and in a stimulating business environment and investment climate that promotes its sustainable growth and consolidation of its position on the map of the global economy.

The reliance on the strong logistical structure in the emirate constitutes a competitive advantage for the business sector, especially in the field of trade, as this integrated structure serves the businesses of merchants in the field of re-export and trade exchange with the rest of the world and the region.

It is not possible to talk about Dubai without mentioning Jebel Ali Port, one of the most important ports in the world, and Dubai International Airport, one of the world's busiest airports, through the Dubai Metro, the Dubai Mall, the largest shopping center in the world, and many of the landmarks that have turned the city into an open cultural museum.

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