China News Agency, Beijing, February 25 (Reporter Wang Qingkai) The recruitment platform BOSS Direct Employment Research Institute released on the 25th the "Observation of Employment Trends in the First Week of Resumption of Work during the Spring Festival of 2021", which shows that after the resumption of work one week after the Spring Festival in 2021, market recruitment demand has grown rapidly. This is an increase of 124% compared with the same period in 2020, which is shrouded by the epidemic, and the average recruitment salary has reached 8,027 yuan (RMB, the same below).

  Observations show that the job recruitment market in 2021 shows a strong trend of both supply and demand.

White-collar, blue-collar, and university students on the talent side are more active, and the types and numbers of jobs on the enterprise side have risen sharply, especially in industries such as tourism, catering, commerce, and small, medium and micro enterprises that were greatly affected during the epidemic last year.

  "In the past 2020, there was great uncertainty in the macro environment, and there was a situation of'wait and see talents and enterprises' in the job market. As the situation becomes clearer, the demand for talent hopping and corporate recruitment will both usher in an explosion in 2021", BOSS Chang Meng, the director of the directly employed research institute, believes that benefiting from the achievements in domestic epidemic prevention and control, the job market in the spring of 2021 has taken on the demand that was suppressed by the market last year and ushered in the phenomenon of "compensatory job recruitment".

  After the Spring Festival of 2020, the recruitment demand of small and micro enterprises with a scale of less than 100 employees once dropped significantly.

But in the first week after the Spring Festival in 2021, the situation has changed dramatically.

According to data from the BOSS Direct Employment Research Institute, small and micro enterprises began to recruit recruits in the first week after the holiday, and the demand for recruitment reached 56% of the overall ratio, and the demand was very strong.

  Platform data shows that one week after the Spring Festival, among small and micro enterprises with a scale of less than 100 employees, the Internet, life services, and education and training have the highest proportion of recruitment needs.

Among the sub-sectors most severely affected by the epidemic in 2020, the catering industry has fully recovered, with a year-on-year increase of 155% in recruitment demand. The hotel industry and advertising media industry are driven by the consumption of Spring Festival stalls, and the recruitment demand is also 130% and 89%. The year-on-year increase.