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Skoda Fabia -


By adopting the technical basis of the Volkswagen Polo, the Skoda Fabia is gaining ground since it lengthens by 11 cm and gains 5 cm in width.

Suddenly, its habitability improves greatly, even if the manufacturer has not yet published figures on this subject.

For now, we just know that the trunk has gained 50 liters of capacity for a total of 380 liters.

Skoda Fabia - DR

On the other hand, Skoda reveals that the range of engines will consist of 5 petrol units, with a power of 65 to 150 hp.

The DSG dual-clutch transmission will be available with the 110 hp 1.0 TSI and 150 hp 1.5 TSI.

The aerodynamics of the Fabia have been optimized for better fuel consumption.

Skoda Fabia - DR

Equipped with standard LED lights, it can receive optional safety devices such as parking assistance or Travel Assist which allows semi-autonomous driving.

Skoda also announces some nifty little touches like smartphone pockets behind the front seats or a trunk shelf with storage spaces.


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