Exploring a resource-saving and environment-friendly development model

  E-commerce embarks on the road of green transformation

  Lightweight packaging, recyclable express boxes, digital operation management... As the concept of green environmental protection has taken root in the hearts of the people, more and more e-commerce companies are aware of the environmental problems caused by packaging waste, and some companies even start packaging products early The practice of "slimming down".

  The Ministry of Commerce recently issued the "Notice on Promoting the Green Development of E-commerce Enterprises" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice"), and launched 12 measures around four aspects including the continuous promotion of green supply chain management of express packaging to support the green development of e-commerce companies and guide E-commerce companies are embarking on a green transformation path.

  Overpacking is a pain point

  "I bought a lipstick, and it turned out to be such a large box filled with plastic fillers. It is a pity to throw it away, but it is really useless to leave it." Ms. Yan from Beijing recently received the long-awaited one. Express delivery, and the scattered packaging also made her sigh, "It is a waste of packaging to use a carton that is 10 times larger than lipstick."

  In recent years, the number of express parcels has increased rapidly, and while facilitating people's production and life, a large amount of packaging waste has also been generated. The resulting waste of resources and environmental problems have been continuously enlarged.

Ms. Yan told reporters that such over-packaged packages are not uncommon, especially when buying these small items of higher value on e-commerce platforms, the packaging is often "three inner layers and three outer layers".

  Many employees in the express delivery industry are also helpless with the problems of excessive packaging and repeated packaging of goods. The safety of package transportation is a contradiction.

Mr. Zhang, who works at an express station in Beijing, told reporters that merchants usually make simple packaging for goods when soliciting goods, but they are generally not waterproof and pressure-proof. Some orders will also note that they are fragile and easily damaged items.

"We also want to save money, but if the package is damaged during transportation, we are ultimately responsible, so we can only wrap a few more layers for safety."

  According to data released by the State Post Bureau, in 2020, the total volume of express delivery services nationwide will be 83 billion, a year-on-year increase of 30.8%, which means that nearly 230 million parcels are flying on the road every day.

According to data released by the State Administration for Market Regulation, China's express delivery industry consumes about 1.8 million tons of plastic waste each year, and paper waste has exceeded 9 million tons.

  Recyclable applications have practical tricks

  "Brother express courier took the initiative to recommend this express recycle packing box to me, and try to do my best to protect the environment." Not long ago, Mr. Li from Yinchuan, Ningxia used the "Feng BOX" to experience a "green shipping".

As a recyclable packaging box with zipper design introduced by SF Express, "Feng BOX" does not need to use traditional packaging materials such as tape, cartons and plastic fillers during the entire shipping process. It only needs to put in items and attach smart Anti-theft sealing stickers, you can enter the delivery process.

According to statistics, each "Feng BOX" can be used for at least 50 cycles of turnover, which can greatly reduce the amount of packaging materials used.

  In terms of reducing the use of non-degradable plastic packaging, many e-commerce companies have also explored extensively from packaging materials.

The "Notice" clearly stated that e-commerce companies in key areas should gradually stop using non-degradable plastic packaging bags and disposable plastic woven bags, and reduce the use of non-degradable plastic tape.

  During the "Double 11" period in 2020, Cainiao Baobao will replace some plastic packaging bags with bio-based eco-friendly bags, and promote eco-friendly shipping bags on a pilot basis.

This kind of "plastic-reduced environmental protection bag" is made of renewable materials such as straw and aged grains. Compared with other express bags of the same size, each environmental protection bag can directly save 4.4 grams of plastic in the production process, which greatly reduces waste plastic. The environmental impact of packaging.

  The modes of direct sourcing from the origin, original direct hair, and single straight hair can also effectively reduce the amount of express packaging from the source.

According to the relevant person in charge of JD Logistics, JD Logistics encourages upstream brand companies to implement direct delivery packaging through preferential warehousing policies. At present, it has achieved direct delivery of thousands of products from multiple brands, and has reduced the use of logistics cartons by 150 million. .

  Smart technology shows off

  On the basis of continuing to focus on promoting the use of green and recyclable express packaging, the "Notice" also proposes to further enhance digital operation capabilities, encourage e-commerce companies to apply modern information technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence to strengthen supply and demand matching and improve Inventory turnover rate, promote multi-channel logistics sharing, apply scientific stowage, and reduce logistics costs and energy consumption.

  In the commodity warehousing link, e-commerce companies also use smart technology as the starting point to achieve energy conservation, emission reduction and green development while improving the efficiency of each link.

At present, many home appliance companies have put into use smart packaging systems in the logistics link, and related systems can provide smart packaging solutions based on product characteristics and transportation methods.

  As an e-commerce industry base that integrates production, processing, logistics and warehousing, the Shenzhen Shekou Net Valley National E-commerce Demonstration Base also aims at the development opportunities of green e-commerce transformation and realizes energy data cloud analysis and energy centralized management optimization through the construction of a smart energy management platform. Function to further improve the energy efficiency and cleanliness of park operations.

The person in charge of the base said that relevant measures are expected to reduce the overall energy consumption of the park by 10%-15% and the total carbon emissions by more than 10%.