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In recent years, electric vehicles have rapidly changed the global automotive industry, driven by the development of lithium-ion battery technology.

If these are damaged or faulty, the vehicles, or their battery, must be temporarily isolated for safety reasons before any intervention.

The brands using these new technologies ask that the concessions have quarantine zones, that is to say a dedicated parking space with a security perimeter of 5 m around this space.

Quarantine box D'Ieteren Immo - DR

For some concessions, it is easy to foresee such an area, but this is not the case for others located in urban areas for example.

A pragmatic solution was found by D'ieteren Immo: it is a prefabricated concrete box, delivered in one piece to the site, thus minimizing the duration of the work and possibly allowing a move if necessary. .

This "garage" meets legal safety regulations and can also be fitted with an additional barrier so that it can be partially submerged in water in the event of a car fire!


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