Why is Yanchitan sheep popular in Ningxia

  Our reporter Xu Ling

  On the eve of the Spring Festival, the auction prices of Yanchitan sheep on China Auctions have repeatedly hit record highs.

Are Yanchitan sheep really so hot?

Why have prices hit new highs repeatedly?

The reporter brought these questions to Yanchi County, Ningxia.

  "My mobile phone is about to be blown up! The average price of each sheep has been sold to about 1,800 yuan, compared with the price of about 800 yuan each in previous years, the increase is really not low." The voice just fell, the development of Yanchi Tan sheep industry in Ningxia Jin Jianren, Chairman of the Group Co., Ltd.'s cell phone rang again.

  How has the Ningxia Yanchitan sheep industry grown rapidly in recent years?

  Cao Jun, director of the Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Yanchi County, has a smile on his face: “Yanchitan sheep has three major development'magic weapons': variety, scale, and management. Good products are at a good price. Everything comes from accumulation." Cao Jun introduced, Yanchitan sheep medium chain fatty acids And flavor amino acids are 35% to 80% higher than other varieties of lamb, and its trace element selenium content reaches 0.1614 mg/kg.

In recent years, Yanchitan sheep has achieved standardized breeding for population breeding.

In the past three years, Yanchi County has integrated relevant project funds of nearly 250 million yuan, built a total of 33,000 standard sheds, and cultivated 40 standardized tan sheep farms.

As of 2020, the county has 3.4 million sheep breeding, of which the annual production of Tan sheep is 1.8 million, 326 large-scale breeding parks have been built, and nearly 3,000 large-scale farmers with more than 300 large-scale farmers. The main body of Tan sheep breeding is "enterprise + scale". The "breeding park (farm) + farmers" structure is composed of a large-scale breeding ratio of nearly 60%.

In addition, the local implementation of intelligent digital management of Tan sheep breeding.

For example, every sheep has an "identity card". Consumers in the supermarket only need to scan the QR code on the lamb with their mobile phones to enter the database of the Tan sheep traceability tracking system...

  "Follow the trend and adhere to the high-end route. In the past two years, we have increased the promotion of Tanyang offline and online brands." said Wu Genghong, marketing director of Ningxia Yanchi Tanyang Industrial Development Group Co., Ltd., the offline company and chain hotel owned the previous year Shanghai Yuyuan Group signed a contract with the Shanghai Yuyuan Group. Currently, at a price of 80 yuan per catty, it can sell about 2,000 Tanyang per month; it signed a contract with Shenzhen Tianhong Supermarket at the beginning of last year and realized the sale of goods in its 44 supermarket chains this year. Around 90 yuan per catty.

Last year, the county government also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Jingdong Fresh, and the growth rate of online Tanyang sales was also amazing.