Lexus, best brand according to JD Power -


Even though the JD Power survey only studies the US market and the models sold there, it is still interesting to see which brands and models stand out.

While Genesis, the “luxury” brand of the Hyundai group, was ranked first last year, Lexus won the award for the most reliable brand in 2021. Porsche and Kia followed in the top three.

In general, Asian manufacturers stand out once again, with 8 brands ranked in the top 14 of the survey!

Porsche Panamera - DR

At the other end of the standings, Land Rover ranks last with 244 problems per 100 cars studied, ahead of Alfa Romeo (196) and Jaguar (186).

Still out of the rankings, Tesla does little better with 176 problems per 100 cars.


Karma GS-6: The hybrid like no other.


Maserati Grecale: Soft focus

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