Hitachi Astemo, an automobile parts manufacturer, has suspended operations at its factory in Fukushima Prefecture from the 15th, saying that the earthquake on the 13th of this month caused damage to electrical equipment.

According to Hitachi Astemo, the plant that is shut down is Koori Town, Fukushima Prefecture, which manufactures suspensions that connect the car body and tires for automobiles.

The earthquake on the 13th of this month, which observed violent shaking with a seismic intensity of over 6 in Fukushima and Miyagi, confirmed the damage to the electrical system equipment of the factory, so it is said that measures are being taken to stop operations from the 15th.

The company said it could not clarify when it would resume operations and is rushing to restore the equipment.

In the earthquake, IHI, a major machinery manufacturer, also stopped operations at three factories in Soma City, Fukushima Prefecture due to the breakdown of electrical system equipment, and Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. also said that parts procurement was delayed, and group companies We have decided to make production adjustments at nine factories in Japan, including the one in Japan, and the impact on the manufacturing site continues.