Chinese New Year consumption shows the vitality of China's economy (talking today)

  Over 1.7 billion!

Entering the Year of the Ox, the Chinese film market ushered in a "good start".

According to statistics, the box office of Chinese movies on the first day of the lunar calendar exceeded 1.7 billion yuan, setting a record for the same period in history.

Bright data and popular popularity show strong market demand and show surging economic vitality.

  Not only the movie box office, this Spring Festival, offline consumption continues to be hot, and online shopping for New Year's goods is very popular. On New Year's Eve and the first two days, the country's express delivery exceeded 130 million pieces, an increase of 223% year-on-year.

At the same time, consumption during the Spring Festival is no longer a simple "buy, buy, buy", quality consumption has gradually become a trend. Previously, "buy" was considered, but now I think about "buy well"; in the past, I thought about "what to buy." "The pursuit now is "quality."

The huge domestic market and constantly upgrading consumption structure are where the potential, vitality and advantages of China's economic development lie.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: “It is necessary to establish an effective system for expanding domestic demand, release the potential of domestic demand, accelerate the cultivation of a complete domestic demand system, strengthen demand-side management, expand household consumption, and improve consumption levels, so that the construction of a super-large domestic market becomes a sustainable Historical process." Discovering new hotspots in consumption during the Spring Festival, identifying the needs of the masses during structural changes, and combining the expansion of consumption with the improvement of people’s quality of life. China’s huge domestic market will become increasingly prosperous, and the surging vitality of the Chinese economy will be even more viable. continued……

  Lin Yichen