Sino-Singapore Jingwei Client, February 10th (Yan Shuxin and Fu Yumei) The Spring Festival holiday is about to begin, and many people are about to usher in the New Year's Day experience outside.

For the workers, returning home for a reunion year is a year-long wish. In order to cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control work, they finally chose to stay there.

  However, many of them couldn't escape the entangled mental journey at the beginning, until the company's welfare appeared in front of them under the "colorful clouds"...Among them, there are "uninhibited factions" who directly make money, and some arrange holidays. "Practical school" and "heart-warming school" who prepare materials.

The company not only retained the "going heart", but also retained the hearts of the people.

The first time I spent Chinese New Year outside, I received a 2,000 yuan red envelope from the company

  Xiaojing from Hunan, this is the first Chinese New Year in Beijing.

Xiaojing is the only child in the family. She has struggled for more than half a month on the issue of "whether I go back home for the New Year". "I don't know how to talk to my parents, worrying that they still hope that if they are not going to return home. I'll go back." Although Xiaojing's starting point and destination are both low-risk areas, in her opinion, there are too many people involved in the circuit, so it is better not to go home.

  This year, because of the epidemic, many places advocated "Chinese New Year on the spot", including Beijing.

Xiaojing has been considering whether to go home for the New Year since mid-January. During this period, he has been paying attention to the policies of both Changsha and Beijing. "My parents must have seen relevant news at the time, but it seemed to be a tacit understanding. We did not mention this. I want to wait and see and wait and see until early February."

  It was Oi's mother who first provoked this topic.

"I remember after dinner on January 23, my mother was in a group of three in our family @我说, I shouldn’t be able to go back from Beijing to watch the news, I have to celebrate the New Year on the spot. If this is the case, send me some braised beef. , Pearl Balls, Steamed Fried Grass Carp with Bean Drum Chili, and Braised Lotus Root Slices are convenient for mailing and storing food. I also said that I think of these for the time being, and I will tell her what else is needed." Xiaojing said, after seeing the news, she burst into tears. "I am very grateful to my parents for understanding me."

  New Year goods data map sent from hometown. Photo courtesy of interviewee

  After entering February, Xiaojing successively received Hunan specialties from her mother, as well as the braised beef and pearl balls she made by herself, plus the buns and steamed buns sent by her roommate's mother. The refrigerator was full of New Year's goods.

Although I could not go home for the New Year, there is still a "smell of mother" around.

  Photo courtesy of interviewees eating handmade buns sent by family

  What Ling Xiaojing did not expect was that when the New Year approached, he also received an "unexpected surprise."

"Our company has always encouraged employees to "Celebrate the New Year in situ". For employees who do not go home for the New Year, one person gave a big red envelope of 2,000 yuan. It can be said that it is a pleasant surprise to receive a red envelope without extra work." Xiaojing smiled.

  During the Spring Festival this year, Xiaoxue also received the company's red envelope.

Xiaoxue is a native of Henan. After finishing her postgraduate studies in Beijing, she worked in a pharmaceutical company here.

This year is Xiaoxue's first Spring Festival since she started working, and it is also the first time for her to spend the Chinese New Year outside.

  Xiaoxue said that the reason why she decided not to go home for the New Year was because it was too troublesome, and the other was she didn't want to cause trouble to her parents.

It is understood that Xiaoxue's parents are teachers from a local middle school, and they don't want to transfer possible risks to students.

  "A lot of people in our company did not go back, not only those who settled in Beijing, but also many singles like me who did not go home." Xiaoxue said that for colleagues who do not go home for the New Year, the company will give a subsidy of 2,000 yuan per person and call directly. In the salary card, it can be regarded as a New Year red envelope.

I booked the ticket a long time ago and was "persuaded to leave" by three days off

  On the afternoon of February 4, Zhou Ling's cell phone rang, and the thousand-yuan red envelopes issued by the Hangzhou Municipal Government arrived.

In order to encourage "local celebrations", Hangzhou grants 1,000 yuan cash subsidies to eligible migrant workers who stay in Hangzhou for the New Year.

  Photo courtesy of SMS respondents who received subsidies for the "New Year in situ" in Hangzhou

  This post-95 Guangxi girl also spent the first time outside New Year's Eve.

After graduating in 2019, Zhou Ling joined a private company in Hangzhou as a product manager. "996" overtime is the norm.

She had booked the air tickets for returning home during the Spring Festival as early as the beginning of January. Every Spring Festival, fresh chicken and seafood are essential for the New Year's Eve dinner in her hometown.

As long as she encounters annoying things afterwards, the idea of ​​"going home and eating mother's food" is like magic, and it can calm her down instantly.

  With the introduction of the anti-epidemic policy for returning home, she began to waver, "I will come back, trouble, no reply, missed, really tangled." Friends and colleagues around me decided to stay in Hangzhou one after another, and persuaded her to "stay and receive red envelopes together." .

  What really made her make up her mind was the company's benefits for employees staying in Hangzhou for the New Year.

"The union subsidy is 600 yuan, and the department subsidizes 800 yuan. The company also prepared a gift package for epidemic prevention, including disinfectant, masks, alcohol, etc., as well as a new year snack package. But the most attractive thing for me is the 3-day family visit. ."

  Zhou Ling said that the transfers that had been accumulated a year ago would expire in March, and the company deliberately extended the deadline to September for employees who "want to celebrate the New Year on the spot".

"It was a bit sad because I couldn't go home for the New Year, but I thought that if I had an extra vacation, I could wait until the epidemic became more stable before going home to visit relatives. This measure allows me to persuade myself to stay."

  Until the day before the Spring Festival, two hours before the deadline for the department to report whether to go home for the Chinese New Year, she refunded her air ticket.

Instead, began to study the itinerary for the New Year in Hangzhou.

"I made an appointment to go skiing with a friend in Hangzhou. This is also my first time to go skiing. It is also a new experience in life." That day, she also called her family and said that she would go home after the epidemic stabilized. .

At that time, we will have another table of "New Year's Eve dinner".

  Chen Xue, who had just graduated, was also frustrated not to go home for the New Year.

"Later I felt that not going home was also responsible for myself, my family and the company." Chen Xue said.

She works in a state-owned bank in Shanghai, and the company arranges various recruitment activities for employees who celebrate the Chinese New Year.

  “I was worried that we would place an order for the New Year’s Eve dinner. I asked for a New Year’s Eve dinner together, and organized some small-scale activities, such as board games or making dumplings. I had also voted for the Spring Festival condolences before. Although I couldn’t go home to celebrate the New Year. , But the company has at least given some comfort in terms of humanistic care, so that we will not be so alone." Chen Xue said.

  He Yonghua from Ziyang, Sichuan, also stayed in Beijing for the New Year this year.

He Yonghua works at the Haidilao Datun Road store. This year is her 6th year in Beijing.

  As in previous years, she set up a "grab ticket" reminder early.

At the end of December, the "New Year in situ" news feed popped up on the mobile phone. Taking into account the uncertainty of the round trip with children under three years old with him, he immediately dialed the number of his mother in Sichuan.

Mom said on the phone, "We are all fine at home. Now the transportation is convenient. You should pay more attention when you are outside. It is the same when you come back when the spring is warm."

  He Yonghua said that with the help of the company's parent-child companionship program, she had already received her children and in-laws in Beijing. Although she could not "return to her natal family", it was a reunion year at work.

The company also gave parents a foot bath and children with toys.

All this made He Yonghua feel very heartwarming.

Enterprises recruit more employees for "New Year's on the spot"

  During the Spring Festival this year, companies have released big moves in order to retain employees to "Chinese New Year on the spot".

  A reporter from China-Singapore Jingwei learned from Haidilao that during the Spring Festival, Haidilao’s stores will issue Spring Festival red envelopes to employees who stay in the store, and Haidilao stores that are normally open on the 30th and the first day of the new year will also be used for two days. The profit after deducting various costs is distributed to the regular employees.

  According to media reports, a biotech company in Xiamen, Fujian, previously announced that it would prepare 30 million yuan per capita to encourage employees to stay in the local area for the New Year.

In addition, the company also issued 1,000 yuan of New Year gifts to employees who insisted on their posts on the 29th of the New Year, held a "good start" raffle ranging from 100 to 500 yuan, as well as a Spring Festival full attendance award of 1,000 yuan per person and 1,000 yuan. Over-production awards within RMB yuan.

  An electronics company in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, prepared a generous lottery prize for its employees who stayed in Suzhou for the New Year, including two cars worth 80,000 yuan, as well as mobile phones, televisions, and electric cars.

  An aviation technology company in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, in addition to three times the normal salary during the Spring Festival, for employees who are willing to take the initiative to stay in Zhengzhou for the New Year, it also rushed to give a one-time bonus of more than 20,000 yuan to employees who applied to stay Zheng for the New Year.

  In order to encourage employees to spend the New Year in place, a company in Zhejiang decided to provide subsidies to employees who worked overtime during the Spring Festival on the basis of the original normal salary. The maximum subsidy was 6,000 yuan, and the average exceeded 5,000 yuan.

At the same time, the holidays are adjusted. After the epidemic subsides, employees can enjoy paid family leave and the company will reimburse transportation expenses.

  According to the "Research Report on "Stabilizing Jobs and Retaining Jobs" for the Spring Festival 2021" released by, in order to ensure the safety of employees and the orderly start of work after the holidays, as of February 1, 21% of companies have implemented the "Stabilized Jobs Retaining Jobs" policy. From the perspective of the specific implementation methods of the measures, companies generally adopt the practical way of retaining people with "money". Among them, "distributing condolences or benefits" accounted for the highest proportion, reaching 53.4%, followed by "distributing red envelopes for retention (39%)" And "arrange duty and provide high salary (34.9%)".

  Screenshot of Zhilian Report

  At the same time, under the advocacy of "heart-warming measures to ensure local Chinese New Year" by local governments, the company also actively provides support for rest, distribution of anti-epidemic materials, and organization of employee internal activities to provide diversified guarantees for employees in different places.

  It is worth mentioning that the Xinhua News Agency previously stated that the advocacy of "Chinese New Year on the spot" cannot be simply alienated into "work overtime on the spot", let alone forced overtime.

For migrant workers who are willing to participate in production during the Spring Festival, it is necessary to implement the salary and benefits in full and to establish a post-holiday rest and rest mechanism. For those who do not want to work overtime during the Spring Festival, they must respect their wishes. .

  "This peace of mind is my hometown." This different year is also a happy year.

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