At a cabinet meeting on the 9th, the government will spend more than 1 trillion yen from this year's reserve fund as financial resources such as cooperation money for restaurants that are shortening business hours due to the extension of the state of emergency. I decided.

This year, the government has posted a reserve fund that can be used without the approval of the Diet as a countermeasure against the new coronavirus, and after the establishment of the third supplementary budget, the rest is about 3.81 trillion yen. ..

At the Cabinet meeting on the 9th, it was decided to spend a total of more than 1,137.2 billion yen from this reserve fund.

Specifically, with the extension of the state of emergency, we have allocated more than 880.1 billion yen as a financial resource to provide restaurants with a maximum of 1.8 million yen per month in response to requests for shortening business hours.

Apart from this, the government has reduced sales by more than 50% due to businesses that have direct or indirect transactions with restaurants that have shortened business hours in the area subject to the state of emergency, and the direct impact of refraining from going out. A lump sum payment will be provided to the business operator.

The maximum amount of lump-sum payment is 600,000 yen for small and medium-sized enterprises and 300,000 yen for sole proprietors, and 249 billion yen will be spent for this purpose.

In addition, we have included more than 8 billion yen in expenses for analyzing the results of PCR tests for the new coronavirus and utilizing it in future infection prevention measures.

With this expenditure, the remaining reserve fund for this year was more than 2,677.1 billion yen.