China News Service, Shanghai, February 7th (Gao Zhimiao) The China Securities Regulatory Commission recently issued the "Guidelines for the Application of Regulatory Rules-Information Disclosure of Shareholders of Companies Applying for Initial Listing" (hereinafter referred to as the "Guidelines"), a press statement from the Shanghai Stock Exchange On the evening of the 7th, people answered reporters' questions about the application for the supervision of shareholder information disclosure of listed companies.

  The Shanghai Stock Exchange stated that the "Guidelines" are applicable to the review of issuance and listing in all sectors. From the perspective of regulatory content, the "Guidelines" focus on restricting market reflection issues such as proxy equity holdings, surprise shareholding before listing, and abnormal share prices. The board has a strong pertinence and guidance for the steady advancement of the sci-tech innovation board.

  The Shanghai Stock Exchange pointed out that focusing on the implementation of the "Guidelines", the Shanghai Stock Exchange will have five measures in the review of issuance and listing on the Science and Technology Innovation Board, namely, to do a good job in the application of incremental projects, classify and deal with existing projects, unify inquiry standards, and tighten responsibilities. Strengthen supervisory coordination.

  Regarding the information disclosure and verification work of issuers and related intermediaries after the implementation of the Guidelines, the SSE stated that issuers should be honest and trustworthy, disclose information truthfully, accurately, and completely, and implement the Guidelines in terms of specifications, commitments, and disclosures. "Claim.

Strictly regulate the conduct of equity holdings, make special promises that shareholders are qualified, fully disclose or explain relevant shareholder information, and urge relevant shareholders to implement lock-in requirements.

  Sponsor institutions, securities service institutions and other intermediary institutions shall verify the shareholder information disclosed by the issuer in accordance with the requirements of the Guidelines, conduct comprehensive and in-depth verification and urge the issuer to disclose shareholder information. For shareholders with abnormal share prices and shareholders with complex equity structures, they shall Adopt layered verification methods.

  The Shanghai Stock Exchange emphasized that in order to improve the transparency of the equity structure of companies to be listed, although companies that have been accepted before the release date do not apply to the “Guidelines” for new shareholders’ share lock-up requirements, they still need to perform shareholder information disclosure work in accordance with the “Guidelines” and sponsor People should strictly follow the "Guidelines" requirements for supplementary verification.